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A CRM built just for real estate

REW CRM is 2 powerful platforms in one: a content management system for keeping your website content up to date, and a lead management system that helps you stay on top of your relationships.

The end result is a responsive CRM designed just for real estate agents, that lets you attract, nurture, and convert online leads into life-long clients.

Easy lead management on REW CRM

We envisioned a real estate CRM that makes lead management simple and easy, and we made REW CRM out of that vision. The result is a slick, desktop and mobile platform that lets you work through your leads in as few steps as possible; in the office or on the go, REW CRM can be accessed from any device, making it easier than ever to build relationships!

There are 2 main components of REW CRM’s lead follow up system:

Agent Dashboard

Your Agent Dashboard tells you what to do next by prioritizing your most important actions first. Team leaders see newly registered leads and can assign them in 2 quick clicks. Team members’ will then see those newly assigned leads in their dashboards, plus any property inquiries, alongside instant-reply buttons.


Once you’ve cleared out your Dashboard actions, it’s time to take full control of your lead management in the CRM. This is where your leads are stored, alongside their contact info, website history, viewed listings, and automated saved searches.

The CRM has powerful lead management controls, including:

  • Groups: create groups to better organize your leads
  • Campaigns: set up and deploy automated email campaigns
  • Action Plans: create action plans that remind you when it’s time to get back in touch
  • Calendar: put appointments and scheduled follow-ups directly in your calendar

The CRM makes it easy for you to keep track of your relationships and build the meaningful connections you need to transform leads into clients.

REW CRM dashboard on mobile phone
REW CRM Agents page on mobile phone

Efficient team management

Team leaders have unique needs, and REW CRM accounts for those. You’ll find a number of tools in REW CRM built to simplify team management:

  • Agent Permissions are set per individual, ensuring team members focus only on the parts of REW CRM you want them to
  • Teams allow you to group agents together so they can share listings, leads and marketing efforts
  • Associates & Lender Profiles keep you connected, looping these critical team players into lead info and history
  • Performance Reports can be auto-generated to review any agent’s performance and follow-up, or to check in on a listing’s lead activity.

Routing options to fit your style

Our responsive REW CRM has three distinct lead routing options, letting you choose the assignment style that fits your team.

Shark Tank

Designed for teams that thrive on competition! Bring out the sharks in your agents as they fight to get leads first. Shark Tank puts all new leads into a free-for-all pool, letting your agents snatch them up on a first come, first serve basis. Stop worrying about response times and absentee agents, as you only reward team members who are on the hunt...


This traditional round-robin rotation lets you assign leads evenly among your opted in agents, without doing a thing! Built for teams that value equality and fairness, auto-rotation allows agents to opt in and out, as they have availability within their schedule.

Manual Routing 

A full control option, manual routing is great for leaders who want to carefully monitor workloads and match leads with their best possible agent. Take full control and individually assign every new lead as it comes into the site, divvying up the opportunities as you see fit.

Go mobile with REW Leads

Connect instantly to your incoming leads no matter where you are, using the REW Leads iOS and Android app. This companion app works in conjunction with REW CRM, providing you with a suite of features designed for your phone. Push notifications, advanced lead routing, and reminders are just a few of the reasons agents already love REW Leads. Learn more here.

REW Leads management app notification

Take control of your website

Having a gorgeous website doesn’t have to be hard!

REW CRM was made to build relationships, but it also serves as a one-stop shop for managing and maintaining your REW website. With our real estate CRM, you can update your industry-leading website without advanced technical know-how, on any device.

REW CRM allows you to:

  • Create and edit pages that show off your listings and company in style
  • Add pocket listings or featured MLS listings
  • Show off stunning featured communities
  • Write exciting blog posts
  • Instantly update your website navigation

Powerful 3rd party integrations

We’ve used our API technology to integrate with some of the real estate industry’s best partners. You can continue to work with the tech tools you love, and adapt our CRM to your unique needs.

REW CRM simplifies your everyday workflow by sending leads directly to the following platforms:

  • Zillow
  • dotloop
  • BombBomb
  • Happy Grasshopper

Following up with your leads is a cinch with REW CRM's integrations!

A CRM that's always improving

We want you to have the best possible technology, now and in the future. Our real estate CRM is being continually improved with new perks and features, and we’re happy to routinely upgrade your platform for free*. You always have the latest tech with REW CRM.

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Grow your team with REW CRM


REW CRM mockup on desktop

If you’re ready to improve your lead follow up system and create a more profitable team, it’s time to try REW CRM. With 2 powerful platforms in one, REW CRM is the ultimate lead generating system for those willing to harness its potential. Are you ready?

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*Free upgrades apply to non-customized versions of REW CRM only.