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How To Get & Close More Leads

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Get More Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Webmasters isn't just a website company—we're a lead generation company. We believe that websites are a means to an end, and that all your online activities should generate positive ROI.

We know that real estate agents and teams need leads to thrive. They're the core of your business, which makes them the focus of every piece of tech we develop.

Better yet, our websites and technology support a bigger lead generation system that you can use to grow your business and become more successful.

real estate leads

More Real Estate Leads Than Ever

Let our experts help you develop a profitable lead generation strategy!

REW's Lead Conversion Methodology

Your technology should be an investment, not an expense. That's why we've spent over a decade perfecting our real estate technology, working with leading minds in the real estate industry to develop lead generation systems that get results.

The first step in any lead conversion strategy is to have a defined plan, and that plan needs to include three distinct parts:

1. Lead Attraction

First, you need to attract real estate leads to your website. Ensuring you have a steady stream of visitors to your site is the foundation of any good lead strategy. The most resilient strategies will also incorporate several different streams of traffic, such as SEO, PPC, referral networking, or even print advertising, to attract both buyer leads and seller leads.

2. Lead Conversion

Once you get visitors to your site, you need to convert them. For a real estate website, that means you need visitors to register on your site, or reach out to someone on your team. There are several steps you can take to help support your lead conversion:

  • Design effective, goal-focused landing pages
  • Provide genuinely informative content
  • Force visitors to register before viewing property listings
  • Create compelling calls to action that encourage registration
  • Integrate social media profiles for faster sign up

Essentially, you need to offer a trade: something of value in exchange for their contact info. The easier and more valuable this trade is, the more likely it will occur.

3. Lead Follow Up

Finally, you need to follow up. This is where a lot of Realtors fail, because they think their work is done when someone registers on their site. On the contrary, registration is the very beginning of your new relationship. You need to follow up with your leads and nurture that relationship if you want it to go anywhere.

Here are a few of the resources REW has to help you follow up with your real estate leads:

  • REW Leads app for iOS and Android
  • REW CRM with Action Plans & Reminders
  • Saved searches & auto-notifications
  • Drip email marketing campaigns

When you put all these pieces together, you're left with a dynamite real estate lead strategy that's practically guaranteed to make you a success.

CRM Lead Features

Example Real Estate Lead Strategy

  1. Use REW Pay-Per-Click Advertising to drive traffic to your website
  2. Use Forced Registration on property listings to convert visitors to leads
  3. Call all new leads within 15 minutes of registration
  4. Follow up by phone at least 3 times over the next week, until you connect with the lead
  5. Send a personalized email to the new lead within the first week
  6. Set up a Saved Search that will automatically email the lead with properties they may be interested in
  7. Add the lead to a drip email campaign to keep in touch
  8. Follow up every 3-4 months, until the person is ready to buy or sell.

The best thing about this strategy? It works! We have consistently seen our clients more than double their investment within a year after committing to real estate lead strategies just like the one outlined above.

When you combine the right website technology with a phenomenal lead strategy, the results speak for themselves. We want you to see this success too.

CRM Leads

Want More Leads?

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Real Estate Leads FAQs

How do I get more real estate leads?

By investing in them. PPC is the fastest way to get more buyer and seller leads online, which is why we recommend it for all brand new lead generation strategies. SEO can also be incredibly effective, although it takes a larger time and money investment before you'll see an ROI.

Can I target seller leads or buyer leads?

Yes, absolutely! Different types of leads will be interested in different subject matter. For example, buyers will want to look up listings, while sellers tend to be interested in property values. By developing campaigns around the information buyers or sellers are looking for, you can better target specific types of leads.

How much does a proper real estate lead strategy cost?

Like many things in life, you reap what you sow. The more you invest in your lead generation strategy, the more you'll get back out of it. You should budget at least $2000 per month towards your technology and lead generation strategy, and plan for this (and your profits) to increase as your team grows!

When will I start generating leads?

If you invest in PPC, you should start seeing leads the day your campaign is turned on. Over time, as the campaigns are tweaked and refined, the quantity and quality of these leads is also likely to improve.

How many leads do I need?

That's up to you and your team. Our top performing brokers find that agents on their teams can properly work 1-2 fresh leads per day, and this jumps to 3-4 leads per day once you've perfected your follow up strategy.

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