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Get Up to $3,000 in Lead Generating PPC

Bring a friend to REW and we'll set you up in a big way.

When your referral signs up for one of our plans, you will get FREE PPC Advertising for 6 months*. If your referral signs up for:

  • REW Agent — YOU get a $300* PPC budget
  • REW Launch — YOU get a $500* PPC budget
  • REW Semi-Custom — YOU get a $1,000* PPC budget
  • REW Custom — YOU get a $3,000* per month PPC budget

That's not all! Refer more to get more — these bonuses can stack. Refer two, double (or more) your monthly PPC budget. Refer three, four, or more. It is your choice how big you want to grow.

Imagine the possibilities. The sky is your limit!

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How Fast Can You Make $3,000 Grow?

PPC Advertising is the single best way to generate real estate leads online.

Let's crunch some numbers:

  • In a typical market, the average cost-per-lead is $10-20 per lead**.
  • A $3,000 PPC budget can get you up to 240 leads per month**.
  • At a 2-5% conversion rate, that budget can generate up to 11 deals per month.
  • With an average $400k sales price, you could be looking at a $110,000 GCI!

And all it takes is just one referral.

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PPC Advertising: Proven Performance

With the REW's PPC Advertising, you can drive hundreds of visitors to your website at the EXACT MOMENT they are searching for properties in your market.

And your website is already built to convert, making REW PPC one of the easiest ways to grow your ROI.

REW PPC Advertising campaigns crush the industry competition. Compared to industry benchmarks:

  • REW PPC Advertising campaigns get 240% of the industry average lead volume
  • REW PPC Advertising campaigns get 18% of the industry average cost-per-lead
  • REW PPC Advertising campaigns get 2-10X of the industry average expected ROI

So what do you have to lose?

Refer A Friend Now
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*Terms and Conditions

  1. Referrals can be made by current REW account holders whose accounts are in good standing.
  2. Referrals can be made for new clients only.
  3. Referrals cannot already be engaged with an REW Account Manager.
  4. Referrals must sign-up for either REW Agent, REW Launch, REW Semi-Custom, or REW Custom packages, on a 36-month contract.
  5. PPC Advertising will be rewarded after your referrral has signed contract.
  6. Total PPC Advertising budget is reward amount less management fees:
    • REW Agent total monthly spend is $240
    • REW Launch total monthly spend is $400
    • REW Semi-Custom total monthly spend is $800
    • REW Custom total monthly spend is $2,400
  7. This offer ends February 28, 2020.

See your Account Manager for full details.

**Average cost-per-lead and conversion rates vary depending on your market. Your Account Manager can help you determine benchmarks for your province/state.

What are you waiting for?

Are you finally ready to take the plunge and put your real estate business on the best marketing / lead generation platform in all of real estate?

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