The perfect CRM for real estate agents, teams and brokers

Our customer relationship management system (REW CRM) is extremely powerful AND it's easy for agents to use!

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An Easy To Use CRM

Most CRM's in real estate are too complicated for agents, teams and brokers to use or understand. The REW CRM by Real Estate Webmasters is both a powerful customer relationship manager AND easy to use all at the same time! 

Using our "adoption engine" REW CRM tells agents exactly what actions they need to take with every lead. We make lead follow-up and conversion fun and easy!

Real Estate CRM

Our CRM Works On Your Mobile Phone

In fact, the REW CRM is the most mobile-friendly customer relationship management tool in the real estate industry. Realtors ® are on the road and on their phones all day!

Don't settle for a CRM that doesn't work on your iPhone or Android. Choose the real estate CRM that works on your phone!

Our CRM works on mobile phones

A Really Smart Real Estate CRM

Using smart lists in REW CRM allows you to optimize your workflow and follow up much faster with your leads and past clients.

Setup your smart lists using our powerful search engine and automatically have leads flow into different groups automatically based on activity.

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Integration Friendly With REW CRM API

Our powerful customer relationship management system has an integrated API to allow you to connect to third party applications.

We know that brokers today need choice, and the flexibility to connect many systems together. Choosing REW CRM means access to endless possibilities.

REW CRM API Integration

New lead details for mobile - help us organize your contact data

Hello all,

We’re making some extremely good progress on the new lead details pages (replacing the deprecated apps pages) and we’re at a point now where we feel really good about mobile, but for desktop we’re still...

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

List of must have FUB features to ensure your workflows (Follow Up Boss Migrations)

WOW, so many FUB users booking meetings! (Exciting!)

What I didn’t realize though is just how many current REW users also use Follow Up Boss (hundreds).

I’ve been taking calls all week and will continue to personally do...

crm fub
Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

Adding budget offset in REW CRM source for lenders and other contributors

I had a thought as I was watching AJ’s recent training for our agents where he was talking about leveraging vendors to offset PPC costs.

Could we (should we) not add a field for offset?


Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

Some REALLY cool stuff is coming! Roadmap sneak peek :)

Hey all - happy Friday!

I wanted to pop in and share a few really exciting roadmap items that will be coming soon to a CRM near you!

Agent goals! As we all know, goal setting is so important for agents. Now in the CRM...

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO
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