What SEO Tools Do I Need?

seo toolsThere are a lot of tools out there that can help you gauge your website’s health and monitor progress. Even before you truly understand SEO, you’ll want to get a baseline idea of how your website is doing. We recommend starting with Google’s free tools:

Both tools have features that will help you keep an eye on your site, but they take some time to gather data. Therefore, we recommend setting up those two accounts right now as your first step towards SEO greatness. Go ahead and do that now, then return to this guide…

[PRO TIP: If your site isn’t live yet, skip this and come back to it the day your site goes online!]

…All set up? Awesome.

While Google gives users a glimpse into a site’s SEO health, it really doesn’t compare to the paid tools that are devoted to helping SEOs do their jobs better. We highly recommend all individuals investing in SEO to also invest in a high-quality SEO monitoring tool. There are dozens of paid tools out there, but here are a couple industry favourites:

Moz Pro

One of our favourite SEO tools is Moz Pro. It comes with a whole suite of tools and resources that can really help with tracking the SEO progress of a site. It’s fairly easy to use and also has amazing customer service. Moz Pro crawls at several-day intervals, which means it best gathers data over the long term—we recommend anyone serious about SEO to sign up with Moz right from the get go, so you can benchmark your starting point and see your ongoing progress.


Another tool worth considering is SEMrush. It overlaps with a lot of the features of Moz Pro, but tends to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty analytical view of a site. It also pulls information from a different database than Moz Pro, so some of the info can vary a touch. Many SEOs in the industry use SEMrush and Moz Pro concurrently, as using both gives a stronger overview of a site.

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