Non Billable Hours - When isn't it billable?

As a general rule, our production team members' time is billable, and our Support staff's time is non-billable. You should always assume that when you are having a production staff member assist you with something (perform work for you, consult or handle communications) it is billable.

There are some non-custom projects with fixed prices, however. These include the basic setup of an LEC or template site, an initial IDX setup, or a product from our upgrades section. In such cases, the developer's time is not billed by the hour. But their mandate is limited, and they may tell you that your requests fall outside of their project scope.

Breakdown of non billable tasks

Here are some common non-billable situations - it is not exhaustive but please never assume something is non billable, if you are ever unsure, please contact your sales person or customer service. Items that are classified as non billable include:

  • Server support : We support our servers as part of your hosting package; you should never be billed for reporting an issue with our servers that requires labor to investigate or resolve. (This does not include custom server configurations, nor is that a service we provide.)
  • Providing Estimates: If you follow proper REW policy for ordering new work, the time it takes for estimating staff or sales people is not billed to your account. The exception to this is if you require high level consulting prior to engaging a project.
  • IDX Feed Questions: Our IDX co-ordinator is never billable. If you're an existing client asking about whether something's included in your feed, or need followup on MLS board or feed issues, please contact the IDX co-ordinator directly.