Predict next year's commissions from real estate

Income Predictor Tool

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Legend (What each field means)

  • My side commission - The percentage commission you earn from the transaction
  • Split With Broker - If you split commission with broker, select your split, if no select 100 / 0
  • Per Transaction Fee - These are any other fees, per transaction you must pay.
  • Daily Unique Visitors: Total unique visitors on average that visit your website.
  • Visitor To Lead Conversion: What percentage of your unique visitors turn into leads, defined as a phone call or any form filled out on your website.
  • Lead To Sale Conversion: What percentage of the leads generated from your website become actual deals.
  • Avg. Sale Price: What is the average sale price of deals that you close from your website.
  • Number of Days: Generally you would set this to 365 days (An entire year) however you might want to know how much you could be making in a week, a month etc.