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SEO 101

All You Ever Wanted to Know About 301-Redirects & Content Transfers

Michael C posted this

So, you’ve just purchased your first Real Estate Webmasters website. First of all, congratulations – you’re well on your way to increased organic traffic and more leads. Secondly, you should consider how to handle your existing website. Depending on your situation, your website may have been a part of your life and your business for years. You’ve diligently created content across many of the different community pages, as well as a number of helpful guides, FAQs ...

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SEO 101

SEO for Real Estate: A Guide to the Perfectly Optimized Page

Michael C posted this

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Content is King.” But how your content is structured on each page is just as important as the content itself. Internet users are a fickle breed, so you want to make sure you present the most important, interesting and valuable content prominently, at the top of the page. In terms of a page that is highly optimized for search engines, there are specific places you should make sure you feature your main targeted keywords. This is, of course,...

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PPC 201

Connect With Leads Instantly Using AdWords Message Extensions

Karelyn Campbell posted this

Message extensions are a new feature in AdWords that allows users viewing your ads on mobile devices to send your business a text message. Users simply click the message icon on your ad and the messaging app in their mobile phone will be populated with a pre-scripted text that is ready to send! In today’s mobile-first world, message extensions are a convenient and efficient way for users to initiate conversations with real estate agents on their own time. They can be used by individ...

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SEO 101

Intrusive Interstitials: How will Google's New Update Affect Me?

Michael C posted this

A few months ago, we here in the SEO department started talking about the announced interstitial update from Google, in particular that pages with intrusive interstitials will be devalued in mobile SERPs. Note, this update does not apply to traffic from sources other than Google’s mobile search. This change is on a page-by-page basis only, so the devaluation of one page in the mobile search results will not impact your other pages, or your website as a whole. So what is an intrusive...

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PPC 101

Update Your AdWords Account With Expanded Text Ads

Karelyn Campbell posted this

If you haven’t heard about Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) then you need to read this blog because as of January 31, 2017 AdWords will no longer allow advertisers to create or edit Standard Text Ads (STAs). Advertisers like you will have to transition to ETAs and you’ll want to get started right away! ETAs are fantastic because they provide much more information than STAs. Google has designed ETAs to have two headlines instead of one and additional characters in the description; jump...

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PPC 101

REW PPC Takes California! Google Partners Summit 2016

Karelyn Campbell posted this

From November 9-11, the REW PPC Team had the opportunity to attend the Google Global Partners Summit in San Francisco. This year, the summit was held off-campus at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in the heart of San Francisco. Google flew in over 900 attendees from 51 countries to share the latest in Google paid search, technology and best practices for measurement to help us serve our clients even better! Day 1 The first day kicked off with a welcome reception, an address from the Al...

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PPC 401

Enhance Your PPC Game with Automated Rules!

Karelyn Campbell posted this

Automated Rules allow you to automatically apply changes to your account based on pre-determined conditions from editing your bids, pausing/enabling ad groups or even sending you an email. They are a great way to help streamline day-to-day account maintenance and save you time! Rules are simple to setup and can be applied to the Campaign Level, Ad Group Level, or the Keyword Level. Let’s go over the basics on how to setup Automated Rules using the example of changing your max bid...

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4.7 Is Here! - Your Guide To 4.7 Features

REW Travis L posted this

Welcome to the new REW Backend, 4.7. This guide will go over some of the new features available to you once you upgrade to the new backend.  Start here if you're interested in upgrading to 4.7 on your REW website. Auto Generated Searches   New in 4.7 is the option to control whether Auto Generated Saved Searches get sent to a lead after they look at multiple listings. If a lead has not saved any searches and has looked at 20 listings currently on the IDX fee...

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REW Backend 101

Resizing an image using Moxie Manager

REW Colin posted this

When adding an image to Moxie Manager there are a few options in which we can use to optimize said picture. This helps in particular with page loading times.   Adding an image to Moxie Manager   We will first start off with uploading an image to Moxie Manager.   While in the backend, editing a page, click the "Insert/Edit image" button:       Then click the source button:       You will be brough...

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SEO 101

Image Optimization & SEO For Photos

Melissa posted this

If you're looking for ways to supplement your SEO strategy, it's time to consider image optimization! Images are a vital addition to any page, but not everyone is aware that they present often untapped opportunities for SEO. Taking advantage of the extensive possibilities that image optimization delivers can boost an already strong SEO strategy. Not sure where to start? We've consolidated some of the most important ways to make your images as search engine and user-friendly as possible! ...

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