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SEO 101

On Page SEO For Real Estate Websites

Morgan Carey posted this

What is On page Optimization And why is it important? This article provides a basic guide to implementation of proper on page optimization. With a great foundation including proper SEO your website pages you can generate significant organic traffic which of course generates more leads and more closings!  Start with headers  Header & Support Information: Page Title: Widely regarded as your most important onpage element. Your title should focus on two things - ...

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REW Backend 101

Using Groups Through The Backend

REW Alex M posted this

You can add groups to your site through the backend under Leads > Groups   "Groups" provide a way to organize your leads into specific types of leads such as "Registered IDX Users" or "Buyers".   Managing Groups Adding a Group Editing Groups Deleting Groups Emailing a Group Adding Leads to a Group   1. Managing Groups To manage your groups, click the "Leads" tab from the top of the backend, then the "Groups" link in the sub-menu. Her...

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REW Backend 101


REW Alex M posted this

The dashboard gives an overview of the lead activity that has occurred in the site for the past two weeks, along with additional statistical information depending on whether you are viewing as an administrator, or as an agent. Admin View Agent View Lead Activity Graph Most Viewed Listings (Admin Only) Top Lead Sources (Admin Only) Response Rate (Agent Only) Total Leads (Agent Only) 1. Admin View As an admin, you will see the lead activity graph, statistics towards the m...

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REW Backend 101

Adding Agents Through The Backend

REW Alex M posted this

This tutorial will be touching on the subject of creating Agents within your REW Backend as well as editing, and deleting them. Lets start by logging into the backend of your site! Section 1 - Creating An Agent                - Agent Information                 - Phone Numbers                 - Agent Bio and Email Signature       &...

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REW Backend 101

Adjusting Registration Settings On Your Site

REW Alex M posted this

(Note that depending on your board's requirements, this section may already have been set during the compliance review before your site went live. Be sure to check your board's requirements before adjusting these settings.) Real Estate Webmasters gives you a variety of options on how your clients interact with your site. With the backend registration settings you can control if and when registration is required, whether or not a password is required, and what information is required from y...

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REW Backend 101

Managing Agents

REW Alex M posted this

Once you have added some agents to the backend of the site, they will be viewable from the Agents tab in the backend. This post will cover the finer details of managing these agents, past the initial creation stage. From the Agents tab, click on the desired agent to gain access to the following tools. Summary Edit Agent Email Agent Auto-Responder Notifications History Permissions Deleting an Agent 1. Summary Here you'll see an overview of the agent's information, thei...

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REW Backend 101

Creating a Page on Your Website

REW Alex M posted this

One of the first steps for anyone getting a new website, is creating pages. Here we will go over the basics steps for creating a brand new page. Creating a Page Editing an Existing Page Deleting a Page 1.  Creating a CMS Page Go to CMS > Manage Pages > click Add New Page This will bring you to a brand new CMS page. (See Below)   Page Level: Opening this drop down menu will show you a list of all the other "Main Pages". By selecting one of th...

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PPC 101

Five PPC Settings You Need to be Using Right Now

REW Anne posted this

If you’re running your own PPC campaign, or are interested in starting your own, then make sure you take 5 minutes and read this article—it’s for you! At REW, we employ a variety of advanced strategies and tactics, and often delve into advanced settings that can help take campaigns to the next level. But in order to experience PPC success, a strong foundation has to be built. Here are my top 5 most important PPC settings that you need to be taking advantage of right now. ...

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SEO 301

Advanced SEO Meta Tags: Canonical, Noindex, Nofollow & Robots.txt

Melissa posted this

Every week, we get questions about which meta tags a site should be using to achieve X result. In many cases, people are trying to accomplish relatively simple tasks with overly complicated methods. When it comes to SEO, the best message you can send to search engines is the simplest one. Here's a simple breakdown of the intended purpose of each tag, including examples of when and how they should be used. rel="canonical" Possibly the most misunderstood of meta tags, rel="canonical" see...

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Adding Featured Listings To Your Site

REW Alex M posted this

(Requires that you have the Featured Listings module)With this tool, you can feature listings easily by entering in their MLS® number. Listings entered here will be visible in the Featured Listings feature on your site (if applicable) and can also be output to your content pages using one of the featured listing snippets. Adding a Featured Listing Editing a Featured Listing Deleting a Featured Listing Viewing Featured Listings Featured Listings Snippets 1. Adding a Featur...

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