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REW Backend 101

Accessing The Backend Of Your Website

REW Alex M posted this

Accessing the backend of your website The REW Backend system for your site contains the Content Management System (CMS), and Lead Management (CRM) that let you perform a number of tasks related to your website, such as updating your website's content, managing leads and listings, and organizing mailing and marketing campaigns.Your backend can be found by adding /backend/ to the end of your domain name:http://www. YOURDOMAIN .com/backend/ Logging into the CMS Getting your login info ...

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Adding Listings Through The Backend

REW Alex M posted this

You can add your own listings to your site through the backend under CMS > Listings > Manage Listings These listings do not show up with your searchable IDX listings - instead they are displayed using the #cms-listings# snippet. Adding a New Listing Editing a Listing Deleting a Listing Importing Listings Displaying Listings 1. Adding a New Listing To add a new listing, click the Add Listing button from the top-right of the "Manage Listings" page, or from the Manag...

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Using the REW Dialer

REW Alex M posted this

The REW Dialer will streamline the process of contacting your leads. Using the dialer, you will be able to automatically call your leads, leave pre-recorded messages if your call goes to voicemail, and automatically adds the details and notes from the call to the lead in the backend. If you do not have the REW Dialer module, reach out to your sales rep today to get started! REW Dialer Setup The Dialer can be initially accessed through the "Partners" tab in the backend. Click "Access Li...

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Connect Your Site With Mandrill For Transactional Mail Delivery

REW Alex M posted this

Due to recent changes with Mandrill, our previous tutorial for connecting with their service has become outdated. If you need help connecting your Real Estate Webmasters site with a third-party transactional email provider, please contact support at 1-877-753-9893 or via email at For more information regarding Mandrill's changes please visit the following link:

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Third Parties 301

Connect Your Site With Google Analytics

REW Travis L posted this

Update: Google recently made some changes on their end, and as a result the method we use to connect to their API has been updated. The tutorial below reflects the new process. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that shows you how users have found your site and how they have explored it. This service tracks visitors and has the ability to keep track of marketing campaigns. The tutorials below will go over setting this up: Google Analytics Tracking ID Google OAuth ...

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