Accessing The Backend Of Your Website

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Accessing the backend of your website

The REW Backend system for your site contains the Content Management System (CMS), and Lead Management (CRM) that let you perform a number of tasks related to your website, such as updating your website's content, managing leads and listings, and organizing mailing and marketing campaigns.

Your backend can be found by adding /backend/ to the end of your domain name:

http://www. YOURDOMAIN .com/backend/

  1. Logging into the CMS
  2. Getting your login info
  3. Changing your Login Information

1. Logging in to the CMS

Login by going to in your web browser, or, if your site is newly installed and you are starting the building process it will be

You'll see the login screen shown below. Enter your username and password in the text boxes then click "Sign In". If you don't want to have to login again on subsequent visits from the same computer, check the "Remember Me" box.

2. Getting your login info

Your login information is emailed to you when your site is set up by our staff. If you have forgotten it or misplaced the e-mail we sent, you can always contact and we will be happy to send that information to you.

For CMS 4.3 and above, there is also a 'Forgot your password' option on the login screen. You can use this link and enter in your username to reset your password. An email will be sent out to the email address for the account with a link that will let you set up a new password.

3. Changing your Login Information

If at anytime you want to change the username and/or password to your site, just send an email to and we will go in and change this for you.

You can also use the 'Forgot your Password' option shown above to change your password yourself.

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