Adding Agents Through The Backend

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This tutorial will be touching on the subject of creating Agents within your REW Backend as well as editing, and deleting them. Lets start by logging into the backend of your site!

Section 1 - Creating An Agent
                - Agent Information
                - Phone Numbers 
                - Agent Bio and Email Signature 
                - Default Settings, Lead Settings, and Agent Settings

Section 2 - Editing An Agent

Section 3 - Deleting An Agent


1. Creating An Agent

Once in the backend of your site you can go to the "Agents" section in the main links at the top. Then you must select the "Add New Agent" button located in the upper right corner:

Agent Information

Lets now discuss each field within this form to better grasp how an Agent operates in the backend. First well start with putting in the Agent Information this is required of us in order to add a Agent.

You only need to fill in the required fields (*) to create agents: First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, and Email. Each of these fields will be discussed further along in this tutorial.

Username* / Password* - These are the login credentials that the agent will use to access the website's backend. This should be different for each agent. It is recommended that passwords are easy enough to remember, but not so easy as to be guessed. Note that a combination of letters (lowercase and uppercase), numbers and symbols will produce the most secure passwords.

First Name* / Last Name* - This name will appear in emails sent by the agent through the system, and it is also used in the "Agent Roster" add-on, if you have it.

Email* - This is the agent's email address, used as the recipient address when you (as super admin) send them messages via the system (See "Emailing Agents" for more information) and is also the address used as the sender when the agent sends emails to his/her leads or other agents.

**SMS Email is not a required field and is may not be compatible with all cell phone carriers.

SMS Email - This is the agent's cell phone email address. Cell phone providers often have an internet email address for each phone number. Adding the cell phones email address in here will send lead notifications right to the users phone as a text message. You can find there for each Carrier found here.



Phone Numbers

Phone numbers will be captured when a lead fills out a Registration (Sign Up) form on the site.

Office Phone - This is the "direct line" phone number to the agent within their office, including extension. The extension can be represented in any form you wish, though it is recommended that a "standard" format be chosen and stuck with in order to keep them consistent from agent to agent.

Home Phone - This is the number the agent can be reached at, as an alternative to their cell or office phone.

Cell Phone - This is the agent's mobile number.

Fax - This is the direct fax line number associated with the agent.

Agent Bio and Email Signature

Agent Remarks - Here you can enter a write-up (bio) for the agent. This could be for providing information to prospective clients, so that they can get a "feel" for the agent's personality, background and credentials.

Professional Title - This is the agent's title and/or certification and typically shows their position within your company. Examples of this may be Broker, REALTOR®, or Real Estate Agent.

Website URL - (Requires that you have the REW Agent Subdomain product) This is the portion of the website address used to access the agent's personal site, that is, their subdomain (The site within the main site (i.e. the parent site)). As an example, the main site would be and the agent's site would be http://agent-name.your-"

Agent ID - This is the agent's identification number associated with their MLS® board. If the agent ID is entered in your site's backend, and if the agents' account ID's are a usable feature of the board's listing data feed, then the agent ID will be used to display the agent's listings with their bio in the Agent Roster (Requires that you have the REW Agent Roster product). Note that the agent must be set to display in the roster by toggling the "Show on Agents Page" setting in the agent's account. (See "Edit Agent for more information)

Agent Office - This is the office which the agent operates from. This list is populated from the Office Manager (See "Manage Offices" for more information). Selecting the office here will allow you to filter the agents in the main list, based on the office.

Agent Photo - Here you can provide an image of the agent. This will appear with the agent's bio in the "Agent Roster" add-on, if you have it. Clicking the Browse button will open a window prompting you to select a file from your local computer. Navigate to the file and click to highlight it. Next, click the Open button and you will see the filename has been entered to the field next to the Browse button.

Signature - This will be used in emails sent by the agent through the system.

Add Signature to Emails - If this is set to "No", the signature will not be used when sending emails through the backend of the website.

  Default Settings, Lead Settings, and Agent Settings

Filter - This controls which leads are displayed to the agent when s/he logs in.

Timeframe - This controls the default view of how the agent's leads are displayed when s/he logs in, showing leads for the chosen timeframe.

Timezone - This affects the time that the agent sees as they review the info about their leads.

Page Limit - This controls how many leads are displayed on a single page at a time, when the agent is looking at their assigned leads.

Auto-Assign - This allows you to control whether leads can be automatically assigned to the agent in the "Lead Auto-Assignment" process (See "Backend Settings" for more information).

Auto-Rotate - This sets whether the agent should be "skipped" in the auto-assignment process if they don't change the status of an assigned lead to "accepted" within the time frame that has been set by the admin (See "Backend Settings" for more information) In other words, this feature forces the agent to check their leads often or to risk missing out on receiving more leads.

Show on Agents Page - This controls whether the agent should be displayed with the (#cms-agents# / #agents#) snippet on the agents page. (Requires that you have the REW Agent Roster product)

Display on Agents Feature - This determines whether the agent is displayed in the Feature at the top of the site. (Only applies to certain products.)

Agent Website Enabled - Sets whether an agent has an "agent subdomain". Example: (Requires that you have the REW Agent Subdomains product). If this option is enabled, additional controls become available for setting the URL name, and accessing the agent's website:

Agent Link - If the agent website has been enabled, here you can set the naming used for the agent's website URL as seen above.

Agent Site - This is a link to the agent's website and is based on the value entered for "Agent Link".

"Create Agent" - Once all fields are filled out with the correct information all that is needed is to hit the "Create Agent" Button located at the bottom or top right corner of the page:



2. Editing An Agent

The step of editing an agent within the backend can be very easy following these steps:

Access the "Agents" tab through the backend > "Agents" now we can edit the agent that we just created:

 These fields can be edited just the same as we did with when we created the agent:


3. Deleting An Agent

We can delete an agent as well by accessing backend > "Agents" section again. We will want to select the "Edit" button again shown in the step above (2. Editing An Agent) on the agent we wish to delete. Once there we want to locate the button located in the top right corner of the page:

 After this you will be taken to a screen to confirm the deletion of this agent followed by a conformation in the bottom left hand corner:

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This concludes the Agents tutorial through the backend! You now have the ability to create agents to your site as edit/remove them if desired.

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Brooke Livingston

When you want to email an agent a lead through the backend, how do you do that? Ie: Jane doe is a hot lead that I want to send to an assigned agent through the backend. How do I do that?

REW Alex M

Hi Brooke, there are a couple options for when you want to manually assign a lead to a specific agent. This will be done under the Leads section in the backend.

1. When viewing the leads in the backend, you can click on the checkbox beside their name, and then select an agent from the 'Assign' dropdown.

2. You can also assign the lead to an agent by editing that lead: click on the leads name, click Edit Lead from the left side menu, select the desired agent from the Assigned Agent dropdown, and click Save Changes.

When you assign a lead to an agent, they will be sent an email automatically to notify them of the new lead.


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