Adding Featured Listings To Your Site

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(Requires that you have the Featured Listings module)

With this tool, you can feature listings easily by entering in their MLS® number. Listings entered here will be visible in the Featured Listings feature on your site (if applicable) and can also be output to your content pages using one of the featured listing snippets.

  1. Adding a Featured Listing
  2. Editing a Featured Listing
  3. Deleting a Featured Listing
  4. Viewing Featured Listings
  5. Featured Listings Snippets

1. Adding a Featured Listing

Simply enter the listing's MLS® number – as it exists within the IDX feed – to the field provided and click the Add Featured Listing button at the top-right of the page.

Note that some boards restrict featured listings to those that are your own. It is recommended you check your board's rules and regulations if you are not sure if this applies in your situation.

2. Editing a Featured Listing

If you have the "Featured Listings Override" tool (not available with all templates/feeds), once a featured listing is added you have access to customize the listing information beyond what is included within the IDX feed (See "Editing a Featured Listing" for more information).

If this option is available, you will be able to click 'Edit' for the desired listing.

From the list of properties, clicking the Edit button Edit Button associated with the property will provide you with the option to edit the listing information.

Changing this information will only change the display of the featured listings module, it does not alter the information on the details page.

3. Deleting a Featured Listing

To remove a featured listing from the system, either click the Delete button associated with the entry on the main featured listings page, or while editing the featured listing, click the Delete button Delete Button from the top-right of the page. To complete the process, click "OK" in the confirmation window that opens. Once removed, the item cannot be recovered through the backend.

4. Viewing the Featured Listings

The Featured Listings can be seen on most templates in a predetermined Featured Listings area (this is most often at the top of the page).

This is how they appear on a Premium Site #1

You may also have the option whether or not to display the Featured Listings on a per page basis:

5. Featured Listings Snippets

There are 2 snippets built into the site that allow you to display the featured listings directly onto a desired page:

#idx-featured-listings# - This snippet displays a preset number of listings in a "boxed" format. The layout and style varies depending on the template you have.

#idx-featured-search# - This snippet displays all featured listings similar to how listings would be displayed using an IDX Snippet.

To use either of these snippets, just add the snippet name to the Page Content of the page you would like them displayed upon:


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