Adding Listings Through The Backend

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You can add your own listings to your site through the backend under CMS > Listings > Manage Listings These listings do not show up with your searchable IDX listings - instead they are displayed using the #cms-listings# snippet.

  1. Adding a New Listing
  2. Editing a Listing
  3. Deleting a Listing
  4. Importing Listings
  5. Displaying Listings

1. Adding a New Listing

To add a new listing, click the Add Listing button from the top-right of the "Manage Listings" page, or from the Manage Listings Dropdown on the left.

Most of these fields are self-explanatory, but if you have any questions about any not mentioned here just reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help.

Listing Title - This text is used as a reference name for the listing when a user submits an inquiry about that property. In other words, if the user fills out the "Inquire about this property" or "Request a showing" form on the listing's detail page, the title will be automatically included in the email, for your reference.

Listing Link - When adding a new CMS listing, you are able to define your own link for the listing. This allows you to set the text of your choice that will appear in the address bar and will be the URL for this listing:

Latitude/Longitude - Setting the latitude and longitude is recommended here so that your listing will display correctly on the map, as well as when using Google Streetview (requires the Streetview module)

Fields that have a Manage button allow you to edit the list of available options. If you don't see the option you're looking for, just click on Manage and add it in.


You'll get a popup that allows you to add in your own options, and remove ones you've added in.

2. Editing a Listing

To edit an existing listing, go to the "Manage Listings" section and locate the property using any of the filters down the left side and click the Edit button associated with the listing.

This will open a page with controls similar to those used to create a listing. Once you've made the necessary adjustments, click Save Changes. If you do not wish to continue editing the listing, clicking the Cancel button will take you back to the list of properties.

3. Deleting a Listing

To remove a listing from the system, either click the Delete button Delete Button associated with the listing on the main page, or while editing the listing, click the Delete button Delete Button from the top-right of the page, and then click OK in the confirmation window that opens. Once removed, the item cannot be recovered through the backend.

4. Importing Listings

Listings can also be imported into the backend from the MLS feed. Once imported, these listings are static and will not automatically reflect changes to the listing within the MLS. Because these do not update themselves, listings that are no longer available will remain here unless you manually delete them.

To import a listing while in the listing manager, click the Import Listings button in the upper right corner or from the Manage Listings Dropdown on the left side.

From the dropdown, select which office or agent ID you would like to use. Once a selection has been made, the page will automatically redirect to a page that shows the listings for the choice you made, be it office or agent.

From this page, select the listings you would like to import using the checkboxes to the left of the images. Once you have made the selection of the listings you would like to import, click on the Import Listings button in the top right corner. Once clicked, this button will import the listings in to the listings manager on your website with all of the information about the listing.

5. Displaying Listings

Listings added through the backend can be displayed to your users on any page using the # cms-listings# snippet.

These listings do not get added to the searchable IDX on your site - those are restricted to the listings that come directly from the MLS feed.

To display these listings on a page, add # cms-listings# to the page content of the desired page (by default your Our Listings page comes set up with this snippet in the Page Content already).



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Jim Sparrow

Could you please post the script for the #cms-listings# snippet for those of us who don't have it

REW Alex M

The #cms-listings# snippet is a module snippet and cannot be edited or added in through the backend. The available module snippets can be seen in the backend under CMS > Manage Snippets > Module Snippets

If your site doesn't have the #cms-listings# just email and we'll take a look.

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