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(Note that depending on your board's requirements, this section may already have been set during the compliance review before your site went live. Be sure to check your board's requirements before adjusting these settings.)

Real Estate Webmasters gives you a variety of options on how your clients interact with your site. With the backend registration settings you can control if and when registration is required, whether or not a password is required, and what information is required from your clients at the time of registration.


1. Accessing Registration Settings

2. Additional Settings

3. Registration Form Message


 1. Accessing Registration Settings and Overview

To adjust your Registration Settings you will first need to head into the backend of your website and navigate to IDX->IDX Settings.

Once on the IDX Settings page you will find the Registration Settings located on the right hand side of the screen. The main setting we will want to set is the Require Registration drop down box (as seen below). The Require Registration setting determines when your users will be prompted to register on your site. This setting contains four different options which I will briefly describe below.

Registration Settings

No, Never - Users will never be asked to register before viewing listing details.

Yes, Always - Users will always be asked to register before viewing listing details. If they are already registered, they will simply need to login.

Yes, But Make it Optional - Users will be presented with the registration form, but can optionally close the form window and see the property details.

After # of Properties Have Been Viewed - Users will be presented with the registration form after viewing the specified number of listing detail pages. If this option is selected, additional controls become available.

Generally speaking the most popular options are Yes, Always or After # of Properties Have Been Viewed. Which one you select is entirely up to you and your company. Clients registering on your site is the main way that leads are generated in the backend of your site so select the one that you feel will bring in the most leads.

 2. Additional Settings

There is a small selections of additional settings which I will go over below. These settings will control what information your clients are required to enter upon registering.

Force Registration - This setting only appears when After # of Properties Have Been Viewed. It allows you to set if registration will be "forced" after the set number of listing details are viewed. If it is not "forced" the registration popup will appear but will have the close button  in the top right corner.

Require Registrant Password - With this you can specify if a password is required. If this is set to "No", users will only be required to enter their email address to login.

Note that the ability to turn off the password requirement provides easier access for your users, preventing the ever present "Whoops, forgot my password. I'll just go elsewhere". This does, however, come at a cost of security in that anyone who knows the user's email address will have access to their account. Also, if you decide to turn this on at a later date, users without a password (as it wasn't required when they registered) will not be able to access their account.

Require Phone Number - Specify if a phone number is required at registration. This is especially helpful if the primary method of contacting leads is by phone.

Require Email Verification - Set if a user must verify their email address before completing the registration process. With this set to "Yes" a verification email will be sent to the user with a verification code they'll need to enter to the site in order to complete the verification process. They will not be permitted to view listing details until this has been completed. This feature is a great way to help ensure you receive quality leads.

3. Registration Form Message

Lastly i would like to discuss the Registration Form Message. This is a customizable message that will appear on the left hand side of the registration form. You can use this space to tell your clients the benefits they'd get from registering for your site through the use of text and images.

Customizing this message is quick and easy. Simply enter the desired text and images into the Registration Form Message box located on the IDX Settings page.


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