PPC 301

3 Common PPC Problems & How to Fix Them

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This REW U post was inspired by you! With the feedback my team and I have received in mind, we’ve compiled some simple solutions to the challenges you've faced once your campaign is up and running. Problem 1 – My Leads Are All Junk This is one of the most common problems in ALL types of online advertising. While there's no way to ensure all of your leads will be qualified buyers looking to find a home today, you can increase the specificity of your ads to help target buyers...

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PPC 201

AdWords Keyword Match Types Explained

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In addition to the settings, the selection of keywords and match types can greatly influence a campaign's bottom line. For more conversions at lower costs, I recommend an audit of your keywords and match types. Read on for an overview of Google's 5 different match types, including what they mean, how they work, and when you should use them. Broad Match Broad Match is the broadest of all match types and has no special symbol, so often (and usually unfortunately) this is the match ty...

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PPC 101

Five PPC Settings You Need to be Using Right Now

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If you’re running your own PPC campaign, or are interested in starting your own, then make sure you take 5 minutes and read this article—it’s for you! At REW, we employ a variety of advanced strategies and tactics, and often delve into advanced settings that can help take campaigns to the next level. But in order to experience PPC success, a strong foundation has to be built. Here are my top 5 most important PPC settings that you need to be taking advantage of right now. ...

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