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4.7 Is Here! - Your Guide To 4.7 Features

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Welcome to the new REW Backend, 4.7. This guide will go over some of the new features available to you once you upgrade to the new backend.  Start here if you're interested in upgrading to 4.7 on your REW website. Auto Generated Searches   New in 4.7 is the option to control whether Auto Generated Saved Searches get sent to a lead after they look at multiple listings. If a lead has not saved any searches and has looked at 20 listings currently on the IDX fee...

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Connect Your Site With Google Analytics

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Update: Google recently made some changes on their end, and as a result the method we use to connect to their API has been updated. The tutorial below reflects the new process. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that shows you how users have found your site and how they have explored it. This service tracks visitors and has the ability to keep track of marketing campaigns. The tutorials below will go over setting this up: Google Analytics Tracking ID Google OAuth ...

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