PPC 201

This is the 2nd category for PPC you must complete all 100 level PPC categories before moving onto PPC 200 level courses.

PPC 201

Connect With Leads Instantly Using AdWords Message Extensions

Karelyn Campbell posted this

Message extensions are a new feature in AdWords that allows users viewing your ads on mobile devices to send your business a text message. Users simply click the message icon on your ad and the messaging app in their mobile phone will be populated with a pre-scripted text that is ready to send! In today’s mobile-first world, message extensions are a convenient and efficient way for users to initiate conversations with real estate agents on their own time. They can be used by individ...

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PPC 201

AdWords Keyword Match Types Explained

REW Anne posted this

In addition to the settings, the selection of keywords and match types can greatly influence a campaign's bottom line. For more conversions at lower costs, I recommend an audit of your keywords and match types. Read on for an overview of Google's 5 different match types, including what they mean, how they work, and when you should use them. Broad Match Broad Match is the broadest of all match types and has no special symbol, so often (and usually unfortunately) this is the match ty...

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