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The dashboard gives an overview of the lead activity that has occurred in the site for the past two weeks, along with additional statistical information depending on whether you are viewing as an administrator, or as an agent.

  1. Admin View
  2. Agent View
  3. Lead Activity Graph
  4. Most Viewed Listings (Admin Only)
  5. Top Lead Sources (Admin Only)
  6. Response Rate (Agent Only)
  7. Total Leads (Agent Only)

1. Admin View

As an admin, you will see the lead activity graph, statistics towards the most viewed listings, and the top sources for your leads. This means you will be given a glimpse into which properties may be more likely to close, and what sources may need more attention so as to increase traffic.

Admin View

2. Agent View

As an agent, you will see the lead activity graph, along with statistics towards your response rate for leads. These statistics include time delay, as well as the total leads currently assigned.

Agent View

3. Lead Activity Graph

The graph at the top of the page provides a visual representation of recent lead activity. To narrow the view, each piece of information can have its visibility toggled (to show or hide), by clicking one of the label options directly below the graph. This graph will display total new and returning leads, the number of inquiries made, and the number of leads closed within the last 14 days, as well as the peak day for visits.

If you are interested in seeing the activity for a specific day, place your mouse pointer over said day. When you do this a vertical line will appear, along with an information window providing details for that day.

Lead Activity

4. Most Viewed Listings (Admin Only)

This is where you can see most viewed listings in your site, which can be useful in determining the properties that are most likely to close. Clicking the MLS® number will take you to the front end of the site where a search is performed on that listing.

Most Viewed

5. Top Lead Sources (Admin Only)

With this list of sources you are able to quickly see where your leads originated from. This information can help you in your marketing efforts to target sources with minimal return, in an attempt to gain higher lead conversion.

Top Lead Sources

6. Response Rate (Agent Only)

This will show metrics for the leads assigned to the currently logged in agent. Here you can see how many assigned leads have been contacted (through using the Email feature), along with the response rate and time it took to make contact. This is helpful for agents to improve lead response efforts. (Note: response rate is based on accepted leads that were assigned in the last 30 days.)

7. Total Leads (Agent Only)

Here an agent can see how many leads assigned to them have been accepted, are pending, closed, or have been rejected.

Total Leads


That concludes our dashboard tutorial, thanks for reading! 

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