4.7 Is Here! - Your Guide To 4.7 Features

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Welcome to the new REW Backend, 4.7. This guide will go over some of the new features available to you once you upgrade to the new backend. 

Start here if you're interested in upgrading to 4.7 on your REW website.

Auto Generated Searches


New in 4.7 is the option to control whether Auto Generated Saved Searches get sent to a lead after they look at multiple listings. If a lead has not saved any searches and has looked at 20 listings currently on the IDX feed, then the system gathers information based on the lead's previous searches and properties they have viewed in detail. The system then creates a saved search for this particular lead and notifies the lead via email. This feature can be enabled for individual agents, or at a site-wide level. This is a great way to ensure that leads get set up with a Saved Search as search emails are a sure way of getting returning lead visits.

To enable or disable this setting for the entire site, make sure you are in the Super Admin account and then click on Settings in the top right corner. On this page under Lead Manager Settings, look for the field Lead Auto-Generated Searches and select Yes or No.

To change this setting for an individual agent, select the Agents tab, then select Edit for the particular agent. Once on the Edit Agent page look for the Lead Settings in the right hand column. At the bottom of this section is the toggle switch for Auto-Generated Searches, set to Yes or No.


Instant Saved Searches


The next feature that is new in 4.7 is the option for saved searches to have an Immediate email frequency. Selecting a email frequency of "Immediately" means that when the MLS board provides data to us for new listings, the next IDX feed update on the site sends a Listing Update to the lead immediately if any properties match their search criteria. This option is a great way to ensure that leads are getting active update notices on new property listings, which brings them back to the site and provide a great home buying experience.

To enable this option the agent or lead will need to create a saved search after performing an IDX search. Once the Save This Search button has been selected a pop-up will be displayed (see image to the left), from this pop-up they can select the Email Frequency option in the drop down. Once all areas are properly filled out, all that's left is to select Save Search.

If a search already exists, the agent or lead can change the email frequency by editing the saved search. As an agent you can accomplish this by going to the Leads tab and selecting the lead you want to edit the search for. Once selected, look for the Searches tab to the left and click edit on the search you want to alter. Once the front-end of the site displays, look for the area to update Email Frequency (location depends on site version) and select Immediately from the drop down. Make sure you select Refine or Update search to apply the changes, then select Save Changes.


Action Plans


The biggest change in 4.7 is the addition of the Action Plans feature. This feature gives you the ability to create a list of tasks for agents to complete when assigned a new lead. Schedule events such as automatic texts, emails, calls, reminders, and more with our newly added Action Plans. Create, save, and assign plans to individual leads to seamlessly connect with each potential client. This helps ensure you and your agents make contact at precisely the right time!

1) Creating Action Plans

To create an Action Plan you need to be logged into the Super Admin account and select Leads. From there select the Action Plans tab in the sub-navigation. On the next page select the green Add New Action Plan button to be directed to the page where you will create the list of tasks.

From here you must enter in a Plan Name. The name is what the agents will initially see when assigning an Action Plan to a lead, so make this relate to what tasks the plan includes. Next select a Label Color, enter in a Description of the plan, and select the days that the tasks will be scheduled for. Keep in mind that tasks scheduled outside of the set days will have their date adjusted to the next available day. Once done click Create Action Plan to continue to the next step.

(Below: Example of an Action Plan that would be used for new leads, and would have tasks in a 30 day time frame.)

You will now be brought to the task page for the Action Plan you created. On this page you will add new tasks associated with the plan, to start select the New Task button. Once you select this it will open a drop down where you can choose what type of task you are adding. There are a total of seven different task types as seen in the table below. Once you select a task you will see multiple fields for that specific task that can be edited and adjusted as required. See below for a list of the task field explanations.

Task Name: This is a required field for every task. This is the display name for the created task.

Additional Information/Instructions: Area to add task notes, instructions and additional information for the Backend User working with this task. This will display in the task's details section for the benefit of the task's performer.

Groups: Select from the list of shared groups created in backend.

Subject (email specific): Required for automated emails. This will be presented as the suggested email subject during the email sending process. 

Pre-Built Message (optional): Task field for "Email Tasks", can select Pre-Built Messages from a drop down menu. Pre-Built Messages can be found and created in the "Documents" section in backend.

Email/Text Message: Required for automated emails/texts. This will be presented as the suggested email/text body during the task completion process.

Automated: This task will be automatically completed by the system. Automated Email tasks require a default subject and body. Create these to save time and ensure that communication is delivered to the Leads. Works in a similar way as the Email Drip Campaigns.

Due Offset (Days): The number of days after the plan was assigned that this task will be due.

Due Time: The time of day this task is due. 

Expire In (Days): The maximum number of days this task can be overdue before it expires/fails.

(Click thumbnails below for enlarged images of each Task Type)

Email Task

Text Task

Call Task

Search Task

Group Task

Listing Task

Custom Task



With the above information you can get an understanding of the available fields when creating a task. Make sure that you have a Task Name and fill in the information on the right hand side to apply time frames. Once the task is ready select Create (Type) Task, repeat the steps to create multiple tasks. Once you create a task you will be brought back to the list of tasks for the Action Plan you are creating. If you want to edit a task, hover over the individual task and select Edit on the right hand side. The same applies if tasks need to be removed or deleted - just select the red circle with the white line striking through it.

Another option here is the ability to create Follow-Up tasks for any individual task. These are extremely useful as they are not set to "# of days after plan assigned" they are instead "# of days after previous task completed". To Expand or Collapse all of the Follow-Up tasks, simply select the Collapse All Follow-Ups or Expand All  buttons in top right corner, or click the green + or - symbol beside an individual task.

Once you have created all of the tasks you want included in this Action Plan, click the Save Changes button in the top right corner. This completes the process of creating an Action Plan. Repeat the steps to create multiple Action Plans for your Agents.



2) Assigning Action Plans

Now that you have Action Plans created it is time to learn how to assign plans to Leads that register on the website. To assign an action plan you need to be logged into a Backend Agent or Admin account. As Super Admin you are able to assign the Action Plans to any lead in the database, however with an agent account they must have the proper Permissions. To set the Permissions for the agent you will need to select the Agents tab and select Edit for the individual agent. Once on the next screen look to the left hand side and select Permissions, from here there are two options for granting permission to assign Action Plans, one under Agent Mode and another under Admin Mode.

The Agent Mode section will allow the agent to be logged into a regular agent account and have access to assigning Action Plans to their assigned leads. To enable select the checkbox beside Action Plan Assignments in the Leads Privileges section under Agent Mode, then save changes.

The Admin Mode section will allow the agent to be logged into a admin account and have access to assigning Action Plans to all leads on the backend. To enable select the checkbox beside Action Plan Assignments in the Leads Privileges section under Admin Mode, then save changes, keep in mind they must also have the permission for Access to All Leads enabled as well.


Agent Permissions

Agent Mode

Admin Mode

To assign an Action Plan click on the Leads tab via the backend. Once you get to the main lead dashboard you will see the list of leads. Click the checkbox beside a lead's name (can select multiple leads) and a previously greyed out box labeled Action Plan will now be clickable. Click and a drop down of all available Action Plans will be available to select and apply to the lead(s). Once you select a plan it asks for confirmation of assignment, this same step is applied for unassignment from a plan. You can also assign an Action Plan when you add a new lead, or select edit on an existing lead. On the Edit Lead screen look to the right hand side and you will see a list of action plans, select the checkbox beside the action plan(s) and save changes. This is how to assign/unassign the Action Plans, the next step will go over how to manage the plans once a Lead is placed into a plan.

3) Managing Action Plans (Individual Lead)

Now that a plan has been assigned, reminders will be sent to the backend user. This lets them (and the Super Admin) know that a certain task needs to be completed. To see the reminders, look to the top of the backend screen and it will inform you of all tasks that are due for completion.

To get into the task management screen for an individual lead, select the lead to bring up the Lead Summary page. From here look to the left and you will see a tab labeled Tasks (will also display the number of tasks assigned to the lead beside this tab), select this to bring up the task list for this particular lead. You will be brought automatically to the Pending Tasks screen, from here you can see all the upcoming and due tasks.

Tasks that are Due Now are in red and will require you to action the task by selecting either Mark as Complete, Skip, Postpone or Add Note. Upcoming tasks are labelled in blue. You can Add Notes and/or Postpone these. To access these options, select the green + symbol to expand the individual task. This displays detailed information regarding the task and the above options. You can also select the tabs at the top to switch between Pending, Completed, Skipped, and Expired Tasks. Tasks that go past the due date and the expire time will be added to the Expired list.

To complete a task use the Mark as Complete button. This button relates to the task that is due and brings up a menu/pop-up to accomplish this task. When you click this button you will be presented with the appropriate actions needed, for example if it's an Email task then you will see the email creation window (may have information filled in already depending on the task creation by Super Admin), if it's a Listing you will be presented with a window to Recommend Listing (allows you to search for MLS# or Street Address), or if it's a Search task then a window will pop-up to create a search. (Note: this page has only search filters and # of results, will not take you to frontend search page.) The same applies for the other tasks when you are completing them. If you have already accomplished the task and do not need to go through the process simply select Mark as Complete. Skip or Postpone are alternate options as well; you can also select Add Note at any stage (Pending, Expired, Completed or Skipped).

Use the filter options on the right hand side to narrow by Task Type, Plan, or Expired Date - extremely useful when multiple Tasks and Plans assigned to an individual lead.

 (See image below for an overview of the Lead Task page)

4) Search for Leads by Action Plan

With the addition of Action Plans the Search Leads page has been updated to include search fields for Action Plans. This feature will allow you to find certain leads in the CRM that match the parameters set in a search. To access the Search Leads page select Leads from the backend and look to the left hand side, from here you will select Search Leads below the lead view options. See below for a break down of each search form field.

Search by Action Plan:

  • Searches for leads that are assigned to the selected action plan (whether it's in progress or not)

Action Plan Status:

  • Filter plans that are Completed or In Progress
  • This search field only shows up when at least one plan is selected in the previous form field

Has Due Task(s):

  • Filters whether leads have any tasks currently due

Due Task Types:

  • Filters which types of due tasks the leads have assigned
  • This search field only shows up when Yes is selected in the previous form field

5) Admin Task List

Similar to the Task Page for individual agents, the Super Admin account has access to a page that lists all of the assigned tasks on the site. To access this reporting tool, select the Leads tab in the backend and then hover over Action Plans - from the drop-down select Admin Task List. Unlike the individual lead Task Page, this page shows all tasks assigned to all leads. This is used for the Super Admin to access, edit, and monitor the tasks. The layout is the same for this page as the lead Task Page, and all the same functions apply for this page as well.

6) Task Report

In the Super Admin account you have access to a reporting tool to gather information on the tasks that have been assigned to leads. To access this reporting tool, select the Leads tab in the backend and then hover over Action Plans - from the drop-down select Task Report. On this tool you can see a Task Status Overview which informs you how many tasks are Pending, Completed, Skipped and Expired. Initially you will see the overview for all of the agents, however you can filter the results by Agent, Action Plan, Task Type and Start Date. This allows you to get up-to-date reporting on all the tasks and helps manage this new feature.


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