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With our new Guaranteed Sold template for the Barbara sites we have added many new features. These features add a lot of personality to the site, as you are able to choose how they are being displayed. This tutorial is split into 2 different sections, as there are 2 major features that we have added with many smaller features. These 2 main features are the "Guaranteed Sold Page Template" and the "Radio Landing Page. With that being said, get ready for some knowledge!

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Guaranteed Sold Page Template

Radio Landing Page

  1.     Personalized Seller Form
  2.     Radio Ads Player
  3.     Phone Contact CTA
  4.     Tabbed Content
  5.     Video Testimonials Player
  6.     Seller Form
  7.     Custom Blank Pod

Guaranteed Sold Page TemplateBack to top

  1. Activating the Page Template
  2. Main Features
  3. Sub-Features
  4. Mid-Feature


The Guaranteed Sold Page Template is a great template to use as a landing page, as you have full control of everything that is being displayed on the page. It is an excellent way to get across to your users that they deserve your service and for good reason! With the functionality of being able to add video testimonials as well as your radio ads, leads will know you mean business! With that let's get right into the features of this template:

Activating the Page TemplateBack to top

The first thing we will need to do is activate this template:

In the backend, navigate to the CMS area.


Then Edit the page that you want to change into the landing page (you may have to click "All Pages" in the left to access all your page).

Once in the page editor, scroll down to see the "Page Template" area in the right and select "Guaranteed Sold".

This will open up a variety of new options below.

Main FeatureBack to top

  1. CTA Feature
  2. Video Feature
  3. Radio Feature

Let's go over the different "Feature Types". There are 3 to choose from: Call to Action, Radio Feature, and Video Feature.

Let's delve into the different fields we can edit for each:

CTA FeatureBack to top

CTA fields

These are the fields on the frontend.

The "CTA Link URL" will be where the "CTA Link" is pointing to.

Video FeatureBack to top

Video Fields


The fields displayed on the frontend.

The "Video Link URL" is where the "Video Link Text" is pointing.

One thing to keep in mind: the video that is being displayed here is the first video that is entered into the "Video Testimonials" Pod.

Radio FeatureBack to top

Radio fields

Radio fields counterparts


The "Radio Link URL" is where the "Radio Link Text" is pointing to.

Something to remember is that the radio ads that are being displayed here are the first 3 that are put into the "Radio Ad Player" Pod.

Sub-FeaturesBack to top

  1. Featured Communitites
  2. Featured Listings
  3. Video Testimonials
  4. Radio Ads

Now let's take a look at the "Sub-Features". These will appears underneath where the quick search is located.

There are a few different options that we have for the Sub-Featured: Featured Communities, Featured Listings, Video Testimonials, and Radio Ad Player.

Featured CommunitiesBack to top

Featured Communities allow you to display your featured communities.

Here are where the fields are on the frontend.

These communities populate from the backend "Featured Communities" tool.

Featured ListingsBack to top

Featured Listings fields

Fields on the frontend

"Link URL" is the destination for the "Link Text".

These listings are populated from the backend "Featured Listings" tool.

Video TestimonialsBack to top

Video Testimonials Sub-Feature

The fields on the frontend

"Link URL" is where the "Link Text" is pointing.

Radio AdsBack to top

Radio Ads Player fields

Radio Ad Player fields on the frontend

"Link URL" is where the "Link Text" is pointing to.

Mid-FeatureBack to top

The mid-feature is what appears under the top feature. Usually this would be the quick search, but we now have the option to change it.

This is how the "Guaranteed Sold" looks on the frontend.


Radio Landing PageBack to top

  1. Personalized Seller Form
  2. Personalized CTA
  3. Radio Ads Player
  4. Phone Contact CTA
  5. Tabbed Content
  6. Video Testimonials Player
  7. Seller Form
  8. Custom Blank Pod

The Radio Landing Page is a very powerful snippet that allows you to personalize different aspects of quite a few features. These features vary quite a bit with what they deliver. The purpose of this next section of the tutorial is to delve into each of these features and what we can edit about them. With that being said, let's get to it!

The Radio Landing Page works in conjunction with the snippet "#radio-landing-page#". To get to the page to edit this snippet go to "CMS" and then hover over "Tools" and click "Radio Landing Page".

This will bring you to this page.

Notice the different headings in the middle of the page:

We will refer to these as "Pods". To edit a Pod we can click on the edit button in the heading. This will open up some more options based on the one you are editing. You can also remove these pods by clicking the red "delete" button beside edit. Do not worry, when removing these pods, they will move to the side menu, available to re-activate when needed.

Another thing to remember, is that we are able to drag and drop these different pods around this area. This will allow us to sort and order how these appear on the page, giving that extra bit of customization.

With that said, let's get into each one of the Pods:

Personalized Seller FormBack to top

This form appears in the top feature area, it looks like this:

There are many different fields for this form, so let's take a look at it in the backend:

These are where the fields appear on the frontend of the site.

The "Image Alt Text" is what appears in place of the image if the user is not able to view images.

Personalized CTABack to top

This CTA will display like this on the frontend:

These are the different fields on the backend that we can edit.

Radio Ads PlayerBack to top

This tool allows you to display your Radio Ads in a handy player. This is how it will display on the frontend of the site:

These are the fields that we can edit on the backend of the site.

You can change the heading of the player using the "Heading" field. The main feature of this Pod is the "Upload" bar at the top of the ads. You can upload MP3's here as well as edit their title and give them a photo.

Phone Contact CTABack to top

This is a simple little CTA that will direct users to your contact form. This is how it appears on the frontend of the site:

Here are the fields within the backend.

This one is pretty straight forward, the "Heading" appears in the red area and the "Contact Blurb" is the white text following.

Tabbed ContentBack to top

This new feature is quite powerful, as you can create content in a tabbed format. It allows full use of the normal text editor we have in place, so you are able to upload pictures/videos within it. This is how it appears on the front end:

The backend editor for the is Pod is very simple to understand.

You can add new tabs with the green "Add Tab" button. You can also name these tabs by changing the "Title" field. To start editing another tab, simply click it within the editor.

Video TestimonialsBack to top

This Pod allows you to link Youtube videos into this handy video player. This is how it appears on the frontend:

In the backend there are a few different fields that we can use.

"Heading" will change the top title (currently "Video Testimonials") and the "Video Testimonials Page Link" will change where the "View All Videos" button points to. From there you can add Youtube embed links to the different video fields, as well as change the title text for each video. Note: only a total of 4 videos can be uploaded to this tool.

Seller FormBack to top

This seller form is quite similar to the "Personalized Seller Form" with the added benefit of it being a bit smaller, as to not take up the top feature. This is how it appears on the frontend:

These are the fields that are editable from the backend.

These fields currently contain the text that we are seeing on the frontend form, so it should give you a good idea of what is displaying there. "Heading" will be what currently says "Contact Us"

Custom Blank PodBack to top

One last thing that you can do is add a "Custom Blank Pod". This can be found to the right on the "Radio Landing Page Settings" page:

After clicking this button you get a Pod that you are able to add custom content to.

One thing to notice is that we can add HTML to this Pod. This can be added through the "Source" button (it looks like "<>" at the end of the toolbar). HTML is very powerful when it comes to formatting content!

Back to topSo ends our tutorial on the new Barbara Modules. That being said, if you have any questions or concerns about the new modules, or any of our products, feel free to contact us by any of these means:

Call - 1-877-753-9893

Email -

Live Chat - from this page, click the "Live Chat" button in the bottom right of the site


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