Resizing an image using Moxie Manager

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When adding an image to Moxie Manager there are a few options in which we can use to optimize said picture. This helps in particular with page loading times.


Adding an image to Moxie Manager


We will first start off with uploading an image to Moxie Manager.


While in the backend, editing a page, click the "Insert/Edit image" button:




Then click the source button:




You will be brought to the Moxie Manager. Click the "Upload" button:




Now let's resize this image!


Resizing the image through Moxie Manager


After we have uploaded the image, we can edit it. First select the image by clicking the checkbox:




Then click the "Manage", a drop down will appear. Click "Edit":




You will be brought to the edit image screen. Click "Resize":




Options will open up at the top of the window. Change the dimensions and hit "Apply":




You will then have to hit "Save" and then give the new image a new name:




You will now be able to use the newly resized image!


If you have further questions about the Moxie Manager or anything regarding the Backend, feel free to contact our Support department. Call 1-877-753-9893 or email



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