The Most Important Metrics In SEO Success

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seo success metricsWhen it comes to evaluating the success of an SEO campaign, there are three metrics that matter most: traffic, conversion rate, and leads. At the end of the day, it's these three metrics that determine how many people you can convert into clients.


Your leads are the number of visitors to the site who register, fill out a form or otherwise allow you to capture their contact information. For most real estate agents, the entire purpose of their website is to get more leads.

You can determine how many leads your REW website has received using the Leads Manager. The "Search" function allows you to sort leads by date, origin, and a bunch of other fields.


The amount of traffic a website receives will ultimately impact the number of leads received. In SEO, we look for a gradual, ongoing improvement in traffic over the long term. That's because SEO results compound over time, and SEO improvement begets more SEO improvement.

The best way to measure traffic success is via Google Analytics tracking, by comparing your recent traffic to the same dates in the year prior. You can do this under Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels, by selecting the dates and "Compare To: Previous year" in the top right date menu.

If traffic has increased, your SEO is successfully on the right track:

traffic increase example

In Google Analytics, you can also look at the types of traffic being received, to narrow down just organic SEO results.

Don't have Analytics setup yet? View our REW University post to learn how to Connect Your Site With Google Analytics.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is the number of visitors to the site who are then converted into leads. SEO campaigns typically see a conversion rate around 4%, while PPC campaigns convert between 5 - 10%.

You can calculate the conversion rate of your site with the following formula:

# Leads / # New Users x 100 = Conversion %

For example, a site that received 54 leads and 1129 new users would have a conversion rate of 4.78%.

Your new users info is found in Google Analytics, while the number of leads is found in your Leads Manager. For accurate results, ensure you are measuring the exact same dates on both platforms.

If your conversion rate is low, we recommend implementing "Forced Registration" under your website's IDX Settings. These settings can be found under IDX > IDX Settings in the backend of your site.

Forced Registration

Leads, traffic and conversion rate are the most reliable metrics for determining SEO success on your website. By looking at these metrics from time-to-time, you can determine how well your site's optimization efforts are performing.

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