Using Groups Through The Backend

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You can add groups to your site through the backend under Leads > Groups


"Groups" provide a way to organize your leads into specific types of leads such as "Registered IDX Users" or "Buyers".


  1. Managing Groups
  2. Adding a Group
  3. Editing Groups
  4. Deleting Groups
  5. Emailing a Group
  6. Adding Leads to a Group


1. Managing Groups

To manage your groups, click the "Leads" tab from the top of the backend, then the "Groups" link in the sub-menu.

Here you will see a list of the groups. You can choose to edit or delete the group by clicking the associated button. View all leads associated with the group by clicking the number displayed for how many leads are in that group; you will be taken to the "Manage Leads" section where a list of those leads will be displayed. If you are logged in as an admin, or in admin mode, you can see which agent created a group, or if it has been made "Global" for all agents to use. If logged in as an agent, or in agent mode, you will see only the groups that have been created by your account.

Groups are tied directly to the drip email system, so creating and organizing your groups is the first step in creating a successful drip email campaign, which is the key to success in processing online leads.

The REW Lead system allows you to create and manage unlimited amounts of groups, and assign any particular lead to as many groups as you like or whichever you feel they fit into. This allows for faster and easier organizing and maintenance of leads.

To provide a better idea of how groups can serve you, let's imagine some examples of situations where the group option is useful. Let's say you created separate groups for each of the following types of leads:

  • "Sellers"
  • "Buyers - $300-400k"
  • "Condo buyers"
  • "Sellers - Asking price > $1M"
  • "Warmest leads"
  • "Canadian buyers"
  • "Have brought to showings"
  • "Past clients"

Remember, leads may be placed into multiple groups, which means you can have a lead that is in the "Condo buyers" group as well as the "Past Clients" group.

With the leads organized into groups, you can create blast emails or drip campaigns relevant to those groups. For example, let's say your state or county recently passed a motion to encourage investment in vacation homes by foreigners. You could mention this in a blast email to your "Canadian buyers" group. Or, you could create a "buyers - $300-400k" group. Then when you get a new $350,000 listing from a seller, you could send an email to that group, to promote the listing for them.


2. Adding a Group

Ironically, as important as groups are to laying the groundwork for your lead management, they are probably the simplest thing in the entire lead manager to set up.

To add/create a new Group, either place your mouse over the Groups sub-nav item or click Add New Group from the sub-menu that displays, or click the Add New Group  button from the top-right of the main Groups page. You will be provided with the following options. (Fields marked with "*" are mandatory) Once you fill out the required fields, either click the Create Group  button on the top-right, or bottom of the page to add the group.

Group Name* - This is the Group's name, for your own reference - leads will never see this name.

Label Color - This is a color code used to aid in quickly viewing which leads are in a particular group.

Description - This describes what the group is about, and the type of leads that are in it. Leads will never see this description.

Share with Agents - This option sets the group to be available to all agents (ie. Global). If left unchecked, the group is only available to the agent who created it.


3. Editing Groups

To edit a group, you can click on the Group name or click the Edit button associated with the group. Simply adjust the group information as required and then click the Save Changes  button from the top-right, or bottom of the page. If you feel the adjustments are not required, clicking the Cancel  button will take you back to the main list of groups.


;4. Deleting Groups

From the main list of groups, clicking the Delete  button associated with a group will remove it from the system. Alternatively, you can click the Delete  button from the top-right of the Edit page. Note that once a group has been removed, any associated leads will no longer be tied to this group and this change cannot be reversed through the backend.


5. Emailing a Group

To send an email to an entire group, view the list of groups and click the number displayed for how many leads are in that group. This will take you to the "Manage Leads" section and display "Search Results" for that group.

"Email Search Results". Clicking this will open the "Email Leads" page. Assemble the email blast as desired. Once you have it how you would like, click the Send Email  button and you're done. Note that only leads who are opted in to receiving campaign emails will receive the email blast. 



6. Adding Leads to a Group

By checking the box next to a lead's name, you can choose from the "Groups" drop menu which group the lead should be a member of. Note that it is possible to select multiple leads at once in order to add them to a group



You can also go to the edit section of a specific lead. Simply click the leads name in the lead manager and then select the "Edit" tab on the left hand side of the lead page. 

Once you're on the edit page for the desired lead, you will have an option to add them to as many groups as you want. You'll see a group section on the right hand side of the edit page. After you've selected the groups you wish to add the lead to be sure to Save Changes 

That concludes our new article on groups. Thanks for reading! 

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