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The REW Dialer will streamline the process of contacting your leads. Using the dialer, you will be able to automatically call your leads, leave pre-recorded messages if your call goes to voicemail, and automatically adds the details and notes from the call to the lead in the backend. If you do not have the REW Dialer module, reach out to your sales rep today to get started!

REW Dialer Setup

The Dialer can be initially accessed through the "Partners" tab in the backend. Click "Access Line Manager", select a line, and launch the line manager. This will display a number of settings, and will give you the option to record a voicemail message.

*Only the Admin will have access to the Dialer initially. Agents can be given access via "Enable REW Dialer" under permissions.

Using the Dialer

After you have your lines set up, you can start using the dialer from the main lead manager page.

1. Select your leads to and connect to the REW Dialer
2. Select your line
3. Initialize the Dial Session
4. Call the Dial Session number
5. Click on Start Dialing to begin!


1. Select your leads to and connect to the REW Dialer

Simply select the leads you wish to add to the dialer queue, by checking the boxes to the left of their name. Once you have done that, a "Connect" option will become available on the top right of the screen.

Click on "Connect", then on "REW Dialer".

2. Select your line
Doing this will launch a pop-up where you can select the line you are going to be using. You will now begin your dialing session.

3. Initialize the Dial Session

Once the dial session is initialized you can click "Continue"


4. Call the Dial Session number

It will list a number below that will have to call, in order to connect to the dialing session.
*The phone number and pin number will not be the same as what is shown below.

5. Click on Start Dialing to begin!

After you call the provided phone number, the pop-up screen will change to show that you have connected.

At this point you can click "Start Dialing" to begin the session.

After the calls
Once each call is completed, an API call will be automatically sent back to the REW framework which creates a history event for that lead.
The event will contain any notes that were tracked in the dialer during the call as well as the status of the call (Attempt (busy, no answer), Contact (success), Voicemail, Bad #), and can be viewed via the lead's history page.

You will be presented with a summary screen following your dialing session.

Dialer Report

A "REW Dialer Report" is available through the backend under the Reports tab.
The super admin will be able to view a breakdown of all calls made using the dialer in a specific time period, as well as individual breakdowns of how many were successful, attempts, voicemails, or bad numbers.

* Agents who have the "REW Dialer Report" permission enabled will be able to view this page as well, but they will only see a breakdown of their own dialer stats.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the REW Dialer, you can always contact the Support team toll free at 1-877-753-9893.
Support can also be contact via email

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