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Max from our corporate marketing team takes you through some of the reasons you should be using video for your business, and some tips for creating effective videos!


Are you creating video for your real estate business yet? If not, I am here to give you a few reasons to start!

  1. First, Youtube is the world's second biggest search engine, next only to Google (Can you say monopoly?). 64% of the world's internet traffic from video. Plus by 2019 Cisco expects video to make up over 80% of the world’s traffic!

  2. When a video is present on a page, or listing viewers will spend around 9% longer on a page! Video could be the easiest way to lower your bounce rate, and improve your conversions!

  3. Video is a great way to communicate information in a short amount of time. It also allows you to provide lots of visual clarity when explaining something. As well you’ll be able to communicate emotions that you can’t bring across through text only.

  4. Videos can be used in more than one location. You can have them embedded on your website, posted to social media, or used in a presentation!

  5. Email marketing! Using video in your campaign emails can generate 2 to 3 times better click through rates. Our friends at BombBomb are big fans of video marketing, check them out for some tips.

So here are some tips for using video!

  1. Take some time to plan out your videos, I know it can really exciting to jump right into the fun part. But a little script work, shot planning, and effective team communication goes a long way!

  2. Invest in high quality videos! If you shoot a video with your phone, in poor light, and don’t record good audio, your viewers aren’t going to be engaged no matter how good your story is. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t create great videos with your phone, but you have to have a good working knowledge of light, framing, and audio capture to get it right!

  3. Make sure your story has some creativity, and includes a call to action. Like anything, you should invite your viewers to take the next step!

  4. Finally...Don’t forget to market your videos! All too often a video gets created, either in house or by a media company and then nothing happens! All the excitement of creating the video disappears during a long edit and then the video is quickly forgotten. Make sure to have a plan of execution!

So there you have it! Want some more resources on creating videos for your business? Here are some helpful links: Making Better Videos from Wistia, Easy Lighting from Wisita

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