Women in Technology

Spotlighting Women in Leadership

Talented, extraordinary women make up 60% of the leadership team at Real Estate Webmasters. In the month of International Women’s Day and beyond, REW aims to celebrate these and the other wonderful women who help shape our company.

For starters, check out this video highlighting three of the women in leadership at REW and the wonderful qualities they bring to their respective roles on the team.

Celebrating Women in Tech

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, REW women across various departments share the values and inspirations that drive them to succeed each day.

Allison Largue, Manager of Customer Support & Engagement

Allison's experience in the Finance industry makes her a huge asset to Real Estate Webmasters. While challenging at times, the tech space is very exciting, dynamic, and rewarding for Allison.

Above all else, Allison is driven by the principle of treating others with respect and kindness; there are always opportunities for improvement, and you shouldn't allow past experiences to dictate the future you want to create.

Alyssa Glassford, Customer Success Manager

Alyssa is passionate about a wide variety of subjects, including painting murals, longboarding, and volunteering. Before executing any plan, Alyssa uses her integrity, determination, and tenacity to determine the best path forward. The tech space has proven to be a very educational place to spend Alyssa's time, and she loves the constant opportunity to learn at Real Estate Webmasters.

Biggest Inspiration:

My partner Lauren. I have never witnessed anyone with the amount of drive, tenacity and willingness to give her time to different causes and social programs.

Carolina Arai Ocampo, Web Designer

Do as you say and do your best to be better than yesterday: this is the mantra that motivates Carolina to make a meaningful impact in the tech space. Since teamwork is such an important aspect of Real Estate Webmasters, Carolina leans on the knowledge of others when faced with a new challenge, implementing similar solutions and adapting where necessary.

Biggest Inspiration:

“My mother. She is a strong independent single mom who taught me how to be persistent; to do things right; to be respectful and kind; to consider other people's needs; to never give up; to have faith that things will be alright and she gave me the strength to pursue my goals and always keep them in my mind. She is my inspiration and role model.”

Diane Francis, PPC Specialist

Diane brings a wealth of real estate experience to the team at Real Estate Webmasters. Nowadays, the fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting character of the tech space empowers Diane when working with clients to manage their Google PPC Advertising Campaigns. When faced with a challenge, you can count on Diane to look for possible causes, review everything that's been tried already, and seek innovative solutions.

Biggest Inspiration:

“My mom. She stayed home with my sister, brother and me for an extended period of time, went back to school to upgrade her skills and restarted her career. She taught me to ask questions, seek answers, work hard and look to challenge myself.”

Elizabeth Brewin, PPC Specialist

Elizabeth puts forward a high level of integrity to every role she takes on - from Production Specialist at Save-On-Foods to PPC Specialist here at Real Estate Webmasters. When faced with a challenge, Elizabeth's typical strategy has been to tackle it directly - take a deep breath and get to work. The incredible team orientation at Real Estate Webmasters is a real stand-out for Elizabeth, and she's excited to move forward in such an ever-changing environment.

Biggest Inspiration:

"Sorry for the cliche, but my mom. She's feisty and very passionate about everything she takes on in life. She will stop at nothing to support the people she loves - I really admire that about her."

Emma Adkins, Executive Coordinator

Emma brings immense integrity and genuineness to the greater Real Estate Webmasters team. She's never dissuaded by a challenge, equipped with the tools of perseverence and the knowledge that asking questions isn't a weakness. Outside of Real Estate Webmasters, Emma enjoys reading, spending time with her dogs and family, and she even has her own podcast.

Biggest Inspiration:

“I am very fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring women in every area of my life but I would like to highlight my friend, Dr. Sara Trefnoff. She is a chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA and I have been very lucky to know her the past few years and watch her journey from chiropractic student to doctor, all the while taking an active role in the sorority we were both a part of. She constantly strives to be innovative, all the while making sure she has time to help those who need it. She's the best friend, a great doctor, and a wonderful role model.”

Kelly-Ann Gourlay, IDX Specialist

Driven by dependability, commitment, integrity, and compassion, Kelly-Ann is an integral member of the REW team. According to Kelly-Ann, there's never a dull moment at REW, and she's glad to work with such an amazing group of people - both on her squad and the overall company. The diversity of her work keeps every day interesting, and Kelly-Ann is driven by the innovation and positivity of the tech space as a whole.

Biggest Inspiration:

“I am lucky to know many inspiring strong women, I am struggling to choose one.”

Laura Carter, IDX Specialist

Honesty, family, integrity, loyalty, reliability, respect: these are the values that drive Laura on a daily basis. She's proud to say her experience in the tech sector has been positive and supportive, while challenging at times. When faced with a problem, Laura recruits different perspectives to help brainstorm possible solutions. Including coworkers in the thought process to talk things out can be immensely valuable to the learning experience.

Biggest Inspiration:

“I have many amazing women in my life who inspire me in different ways I cannot name just 1. I'm inspired by women who are courageous, loving, empathetic, kind, strong, funny, & compassionate. Those are the type of traits that makes me want to be a better mother, friend, wife, employee etc. I hope everyone has more than one person who inspires them to be great!”

Laura Monroe, Head of Industry and Brand Engagement

In a male-dominated tech world, Laura has learned about the incredible nuances of competition, articulating technology in ways that the industry can understand and teach - as well as how to be a whole new level of assertive! She is driven by REW's diversity; not only do we have excellent talent in leadership that are women, we are a diverse company that empowers each other to be awesome.

Biggest Inspiration:

“Queen Elizabeth. She's faced a lifetime of "leaning in" to her role as Queen through so many generations, changes in the world- and has done it all with grace, strength and elegance. She has never given up on her duty to wear that crown.”

Lindsay Stoeckner, Web Designer

As a Designer for Real Estate Webmasters, Lindsay is constantly motivated by the challenging and inspiring nature of the tech space. If Lindsay can't solve a problem herself, she knows she can rely on her REW teammates to help determine a solution - and this is one of the most valuable aspects of working here. In fact, Lindsay's favorite part of working at Real Estate Webmasters is the amazing people that shape the company.

Biggest Inspiration:

“My mom. Despite a lot of hardships she is still the kindest person I know.”

Melanie Lonsberry, Customer Support Specialist

When Melanie isn't adventuring with her kids, she's eager to support REW customers with their websites. Her favourite part of working at REW is how willing everyone is to help each other and collaborate as a team. Melanie is always learning new things in the tech space, and works diligently to find a solution to any challenge.

Biggest Inspiration:

“My mom, I watched her go through so much when I was younger. She came out of it all such a strong woman and went back to school to do what she loves. She is now the happiest I have seen in a long time! She showed me to not let a bad situation tear you down and to come out the other end a stronger woman.”

Michelle Berry, IDX Specialist

"Compassion, appreciation, balance, dedication, contribution, and courtesy" are the values that drive Michelle to succeed on a daily basis. From working in retail management to the IDX Department at REW, Michelle believes you learn more by asking questions. Especially since REW has a knack for hiring amazing humans, Michelle's experience in the tech space has been nothing short of empowering and supportive.

Biggest Inspiration:

“My mum. She instilled a strong work ethic in me and watching her always be so highly regarded by her peers made me so proud to be her daughter. I've tried to emulate her behavior in my life as well.”

Miranda Johnsen, Squad Leader, Professional Services

As both an analytical and creative thinker, Miranda brings a unique and engaging perspective to Real Estate Webmasters. Thriving off of the fulfilling nature of the tech space, Miranda plays a player-coach role here at REW, facilitating team stand-ups, work assignments, and performing the leadership function for a team of developers and designers. Miranda approaches every challenge with care and consideration, and doesn't let the possibility of making a mistake alter her positive outlook.

Biggest Inspiration:

“Within REW I am incredibly inspired by Vy Luu. I admire her drive for continuous growth and learning, and her dedication towards her role and team.”

Moriah Kemila, Squad Lead, Professional Services

Moriah is known across Real Estate Webmasters for going the extra mile for clients and keeping a positive attitude. As a creative thinker, Moriah is always learning new design techniques and stepping outside of her comfort zone in pursuit of constant professional and personal growth. Moriah is proud to lead a team of amazingly talented people and provide support in growing their skills to help reach their career goals. Bringing her multitude of skills to design customizations, Moriah loves to provide guidance in creating user-friendly design solutions and assist with customer success.

Biggest Inspiration:

“A woman in my life who I admire the most is my Mom. For raising 5 kids with my Dad and all the hard work homeschooling us, always keeping us fed, and preparing us for the world ahead. For all her love, support and kindness through the years.”

Prakriti Arora, Technical Support Specialist

Whether it's traveling around the world or carrying out her work at REW, Prakriti brings sincerity and compassion to every opportunity that comes her way.

Her patience and confidence in herself propelled her through her BSc in Computer Science, and continues to inspire her team here at Real Estate Webmasters.

Sarah McKelvey, SEO Specialist

Reliability, good humor, and positivity are a few of the core values that Sarah employs in everyday life - at or outside of REW. She is encouraged daily by the welcoming and friendly demeanor of her coworkers, who are always willing to help each other and work towards a common goal. In addition to an SEO Specialist at REW, Sarah is a long-distance runner and a performing arts enthusiast.

Biggest Inspiration:

“First and foremost, I’m inspired by the women in my family and circle of friends who have grown from tremendous hardships. I’ve also been lucky enough to work for and with a number of women who serve as empowering examples, often without even realizing the true extent of their impact.”

Shana Watson, PPC Specialist

As a lifelong Vancouver Island resident, Shana feels a sense of pride that comes from working with a local company that's become a household name in the industry of real estate technology. Shana looks forward to working with wonderful people every day who celebrate professional and personal wins, and support each other through challenging times as well. Shana's authenticity adds immense value to the Real Estate Webmasters team on a daily basis.

Biggest Inspiration:

“I'm lucky to know so many intelligent and driven women who own their own businesses and have a family and seem to balance it all perfectly. It’s inspiring to see women succeeding professionally and personally and not feeling they have to choose between the two.”

Shannon Barker, Key Accounts Manager

From the newspaper industry to Real Estate Webmasters, Shannon has always been an advocate for positivity and working towards your highest potential. She find the tech space fun and exciting; as every day is different from the next.

Biggest Inspiration:

“My Mom - she is strong, loyal, kind, loving and most of all non-judgmental. Always sees both sides.”

Vy Luu, Director of Product Development

Vy's innovative work at Real Estate Webmasters has given her the opportunity to learn and define new ways of approaching projects and problems. Leading various technical and project management teams throughout her career, Vy has always employed a positive outlook and understood the overall benefits of any challenge.

Biggest Inspiration:

“ 1. Mom because she told me at a young age I could do anything I want and she has led her life and my upbringing that way. 2. A former manager because she cares immensely for every person she works with and pays 100% to every person who is speaking. 3. A current professor because she leads by showing vulnerability, exploring and exchanging ideas, and reflecting often to seek leadership improvement.”

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