Best Practices for greater response for Buyer Agents

I am looking for Best Practices in my setup for our Buyer Agents.

For the last few months, my agent have been accepting leads,

Does REW offer a more effective initiation? the following Buyer Agent has posed this issue.

“They receive a welcome email from EHFS and if they set up a search, they also receive listing emails. All these emails have Kathy and Lauren’s photo and contact info. There is no reference to me. Once I accept the lead, they start receiving emails from me, in addition to any nurturing from your team. Perhaps this causes confusion and contributes to the lack of response I receive.”

Is there a better approach then this for greater success?

“To improve the process/communication and connect/convert more leads, I’m wondering if I could be included on your site under “agents” with a specific reference to being a Humber Bay Shores condo specialist (or something along these lines). Also, perhaps there is a way I could be included in the welcome email or the copy could mention me, alerting the lead to look for an intro email from me.” If they are included in the welcome email how do i differentiate the Buyer Agent they will be dealing with?

Right now the process is they receive a welcome email from EHFS, then another welcome email from me once I accept the lead. If they have set up a search, the listing emails they receive are from Kathy and Lauren, which is disconnected from me. I think this causes confusion and works against any one agent building a relationship with a lead.

Please advise of a more harmonious method that will work for my three Buyer Agents for greater responses and conversions.

Hey Joe, great question!

Sounds like an audit of your system is in order and this scenario is quite common.

It’s a process question since as your agents point out, if set up incorrectly (or inefficiently) then there can be an overlap between “system or admin” sent emails.

Here’s a baseline:

Website autoresponder: This should be main site / admin-focused. It’s just an acknowledgment immediately that their submission was received and should let them know an agent will be assigned to them right away and that they will be hearing from that agent shortly.

That is really the only communication from “admin” (which should be the website not a person) that i would prefer.

After that - all other communication should be sent from the “assigned agent”

Now your agents must be trained on speed to lead and learn to “accept” leads immediately (or reject them)

They should be taught what happens when they accept a lead (for example an auto responder goes out which they should personalize).

Once assigned and accepted, all leads should be getting things like saved searches, blast emails, texts, calls directly from the agent (not admin).

What if you’re also working leads? (As the owner or team leader)

What you should be doing is creating yourself as an “agent” (not working leads via the super admin console) - so create a new profile / unique login for that.

This way, any leads YOU want to work with will be receiving things all personalized to you.

Does that make sense?

My suspicion is you’re likely working leads from super admin and/or have too many comms set up from super admin.

Addressing specifically - they shouldn’t get anything “in addition” to the auto responders from EHFS, but the agent needs to know to accept the lead “immediately” (speed to lead is critical)

I don’t know which agent is asking, but I can confirm that once they accept communications come from them. (Example)

The agent has a good point - they “should” be listed on your website (they currently aren’t) add them here Our Agents | Etobicoke Homes For Sale (and yes they can have a custom title if they want or you want them to) - you can enable them in the edit agent portion of the CRM.

This should not be happening if the agent accepts the lead.

Also (Hope you don’t mind my taking a look)

While it’s great that you have agents taking leads and they are diving into the CRM, I don’t think you’re set up for success with the current volume.

I looked at 3 agents in rotation and between 3 of them, they only received 10 leads over 30 days (total) that’s 3.3 each)

Depending on the perceived quality of these leads the agents are likely to become easily discouraged / turned off of working web leads if the first few are non-responsive (which is the higher likelihood with web leads).

To combat this - we need volume (I recommend 50-100 per agent per month once trained on the CRM)

The reason for the higher volume is:

A: Increase the likelihood of a positive connection within the first few weeks of working web leads
B: Increase the volume of positive connections within the timeframe.

If the first few are awesome (which is possible) great, no issues. But if the first few are duds (just as possible) agents will be turned off web leads before they ever give them a chance.

Let’s take a healthy volume (19 leads assigned to our ISA this week so far) - if you look in here there is some serious GOLD in these leads!

  • Connected $1.2M relocation
  • Connected $1.2M vacation property
  • Connected $3M looking in several areas
  • Connected $1M Wants waterfront about a year out

There are several others of the 19 assigned to her “this week” (hugely encouraging for any agent)

BUT on the flipside

There is also this (which agents will think is garbage if it’s all the get)

  • No phone number
  • Wrong number
  • out of service
  • No answer several attempts.

So if agents first 4 leads attempted were the top 4, they would LOVE web leads. But if they were the button 4 they would think web leads are garbage.

The reality, is it’s a bit of both, which is why we need enough volume to show them that the gold is in there, you just need to focus on speed to lead, and have a positive mindset (not letting a few bad #'s convince you web leads are bad).

Thank you for the heads up. I am initiating and implementing these changes. I will also look into Action Plans that will go automatically to the leads from the assigned agent and this should solidify the agent as the person to contact. Much appreciated.

I appreciate you taking a look at my site and your insights are very helpful. You and my Google Ads agent would love me to increase my marketing budget to achieve these leads. What do you suggest that will achieve the volumes you are recommending. My boss has me under a tight family budget.

I do the math here: Building an E-team that makes up to $867,000 (check the math)

But with respect to loosening the budget - we actually have a Guaranteed ROI program that states if you do what we advise you to do consistently, and it does not pay for itself (including your SAAS fees, PPC fees AND management fees) we will give you your money back. (But you have to be willing to do the work and hold the agents accountable).

Each market is different (Depends on cost per lead) - in my market (high price point, high commission but higher CPL) I budget $1,000 per agent per month for PPC in less expensive markets you can go as low as $500 PPC budget per agent per month.

If you’re going to do it though, I would also recommend some cleanup of your site - there is quite a lot of low hanging fruit on there that would likely improve your conversion and overall consumer impression. We do have some extra design time available right now (if you can do it this month) - I’d happily offer you a smoking deal on it.