How Much Traffic Should be Expected?

I know the initial broadside will be “there is no answer”, I know that. I’m still asking because I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a benchmark. Understood on all of the variables, blogging, links, redirects, PPC, EIEIO and all of that; maybe I’m asking for an idea of what others are getting?

I think our site is robust, been around a bit, active yada yada AND we get biz off of it. Still asking…

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I think there can be an answer here :slight_smile:

I would say getting to 25 “organic” visitors a day is “a good start” (for a local real estate website) getting to 50 organic visitors per day is quite good, getting to 100 organic visitors per day is excellent and then anything above 100 organic visitors per day is phenomenal.

A place to start is this thread Real Estate SEO Expert Audit / Advice for under 50 daily visitors (please use forums for questions)

The #1 thing folks ignore (and then wonder why they don’t have traffic) is “Link building” - if you’re not doing it, then it doesn’t really matter what else you’ve done, since if you don’t have any links to your site, you can’t rank in top positions. And if you’re not in top positions, you don’t get any traffic.

I’ve taken a look at your site, and while some of the basics are there, it is most definitely not ready for “SEO prime time” yet.

Using this page for example home prices acworth ga

A single paragraph of unique content on a page + some listings is most definitely not ever going to rank. And the very first link I click “for a real-time look” goes to a blank page which is not a good user experience.

So best to start with the SEO audit thread above, read through it, take the steps (implement 100% unique content, content pillars, link building etc) and your organic traffic will grow over time.

Also, a great way to gauge future SEO traffic is by doing PPC. (It’s also a great way to do keyword research and close some deals that will pay for both your PPC and SEO)

The reason it’s so beneficial is you can “buy your way to the top” immediately, which allows you to see traffic trends, test conversion of specific keyword targets, and that sort of thing.

But also, just from pure ROI perspective, it’s a great investment.

On the question of “what others are getting” - here is a screenshot (last 3 months) of an SEO campaign that is fully mature (still working on it of course since SEO is a forever thing)

This is a MUCH smaller market than yours and targets hyper luxury/waterfront properties, so the volume (if we wanted to) could be much higher, but instead, we choose to go high niche with the phrases we target.

Here’s an example from a larger market: