New Market Updates Product "Watch List"

Promised @Jeff I would create a market snapshot product, so Phil and I will be working with the dev team to make something awesome. Love some feedback on these mockups (currently mocked up in project codename Sagittarius design) but would be for Hybrid Vision, Discover and custom sites as well.

Appreciate your insights in advance. From a website / “front end” perspective what makes a great market insights / snapshot product? Who has the best and why? @Aayaam @Carly @ReneeFunk


I love this! I usually post a one page snap shot of my current market each month on my social media. My borkerage has a template they use with their branding. I’d love to have one with my own branding. I believe under the rules in BC I would have to have the name of my brokerage displayed somewhere on the page.



The design is beautiful!!! Love the aesthetics!

A few questions…

  • Is this report data populated by a saved search / from the idx?
  • Can we populate / run this report based on zip codes, city, and/or subdivision name(s)?
  • Do we have ability to choose the frequency the report is emailed?
  • We would love to see a prominent link within the report, which allows the customer to view the sold listings within the given time period the report was generated for.

For all of our previous customers who have transacted, and/or any potential seller customers, we currently set up a saved search including active, pending & sold, based on the subdivision name - frequency (typically) sent - monthly.

Thank you for working on this. I am so happy to see this post!


Morgan, Really loving the look and feel of this Market Snapshot.

I am a little confused on the Last 2 items Time on Market (List Price) & Time on Market (Sales Price) - Are these stats changing when you hover over the different price points?

Most of our updates would be a drilled down IDX search so the information is drilled down to a micro level for the individual. We have found that if we are able to deliver the customer a report customized to their home they rarely will unsubscribe.

Some additional helpful stats would be:

  1. Average Price Per Square Foot (Asking and Sold)
  2. Links to the following: This months: New Listings | New Contracts (Pending) | Sold Properties.

Would love to see some year over year stats (3 year period): See attached photo


Great feedback @Aayaam let’s capture this.

Yes the report is populated using IDX data (and sold if available)

You can get an idea how this might work by viewing REW website scroll down and use a nashville zip code :slight_smile:

As for emailed, this is a public facing side, but emailing is definitely something to consider. You would like to subscribe probably weekly or monthly, yes?


Yes, weekly and monthly frequency options please.

Our IDX feed includes pending and sold. Ideally, we would like the inclusion of both statuses.


Absolutely @Morgan! Thanks @Jeff @ReneeFunk @Carly for sharing your feedback. I have captured these recommendations for our next round of R&D discussions.


Thank you @Morgan & @Aayaam

We are happy to collaborate and share any feedback needed.


Thanks Aayaam! I second Renee’s response. Let me know how I can offer support/ideas! I’m excited!


Thanks @ReneeFunk and @Carly. I will definitely keep you both in the loop. We can always use industry perspective especially during our alpha and beta testing. Appreciate your kind offers to help!

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This is fantastic. Design wise, I think the header is way too tall. Tease them with the info within the viewable area. That big of a header could even cause some bounce rate increase in my opinion. This would be fantastic to be able to share with current clients and on social platforms etc.

Been waiting for this for what seems like forever. I want to subscribe all my past clients & Seller prospects to a monthly snapshot, as well as post snapshot data to social media. Looks great! Can’t wait! Happy to pilot test or whatever’s needed to roll this out ASAP! Let’s do it! <3


Hey Morgan. Curious about the Parks website. Are those community pages custom layouts? Fun custom site or modified template? Will the new market trends be able to be implemented onto community pages by pulling the IDX data being displayed or only on a “market data” search type of page?

Parks is a completely custom site. As for “Watch List” (tentative name) I think it would be a great suggestion that they be available as a link or snippet embed (depending on performance constraints) into CMS pages. @Aayaam

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Thanks, @BenFisherPC, and @Morgan. I have made a note of this suggestion for the team! @vyluu for your visibility too!


Is there a timeline for rolling this feature out?

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Ideally we’ll have a prototype inside of 90 days not sure how long for launch after that (at least a few months after).


@Morgan is this something that is still on the horizon? Would love to see this released soon! This would be a great way to stay in front of seller leads and past clients if we could set them up to receive market update emails.


Going to Bump this. This is a great feature of Sierra Interactive, the closest SEO competitor to REW. Theirs does not look aesthetically great but this would take the platform to the next level for past clients. REALLY would love to see this rolled out for everyone