What should we build next? Your chance to participate in the evolution of Renaissance

Yes, please add blogs targeted to pages! Regarding the text on the button being duplicated. Your example has 3 blog posts. Could it be coded to pick different text options from a short list? Read full post, More, Continue, etc.

One cool option would be if you could also pick a specific blog posts to show up. For those times when you have a highly relevant blog post such as quarterly market update for the community. I’m guessing it pulls the three most recent blogs with tag X. This extra option would also allow you to also add the link or ID# of specific posts. This would be totally optional, In many cases I would just let it run automatically.

Please incorporate all the items you mentioned in this post. New call to actions, revamped sharing icons and the related posts with pagination. Hubspot truly are masters of optimized content. It’s hard to go wrong using them as inspiration. Highly recommend their Hustle newsletter too.

:nerd_face: You know the answer to that!

I think it would be cool if you added a freehand “Freehand Polygon” tool that allows users to draw a polygon in any shape using a mouse.

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Interesting. Have you seen this done anywhere? Do you have an example?

Redfin has it. Very easy to use and erase.