12 Days Referral Program - get your site for free with just 2 referrals

Hey everyone, SUPER excited to be officially launching our annual 12 Days Of Christmas promo on Nov 1st, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone upgrade to the brand new version of the CRM with REW Deals and REW Sources.

Many of the promo items are all about investing in your business in ways that help you grab market share and improve your marketing position as we head into 2024

But let’s be honest, it’s also going to be a “comparatively” tough year.

So anywhere you can also “save” $ (to reinvest in high-value lead gen, conversion, and database building) you should be doing it right?

So here’s what we’ve come up with to help you with that.

REWFerrals? (Ermm… that name is silly, I think I need more coffee) A REWFer us program?

Bah! Humbug - I’ll think of something.

In the meantime, here are the deets!

If you refer us one customer (just one) we’ll cut your $500 SAAS bill in half for the entire length of their initial contract.

If you refer us to two customers, your $500 SAAS bill goes away completely!

So many of you already refer us customers (and we are so grateful) but now with this 12-day promo, we have literally launched the most generous referral bonus in the industry.

How does it work?

Simple - if a customer signs up for a $500+ Renaissance website on a 12-36 month contract, you get credit for 50% of the SAAS ($250) for every contracted month.

That’s $3,000-$9,000 PER referred customer!

When they pay us, we pay you. (So it’s taken off your monthly bill).

What if I have more than 2 referrals? No problem! How does cash sound? We’ll also pay 25% cash for all closed referrals for the term of their contract on the $500 SAAS portion of their contract. So keep referring and keep earning!


#1: You must be an active customer to get credits on your account (there is no cash surrender value)

#2: You can use your credits for anything REW sells but does not include “budget” (for Google) or other third-party costs. But feel free to use it for SEO, programming, design, modules,… anything that REW receives the actual revenue for.

#3: Only the first referral counts (pays). Obviously, we can’t pay 50% more than once. But some of you might know the same people and therefore might refer the same person. We will track from submissions and only the “first” referral submitted will be considered.

#4: Reference vs referral - a “referral” is when you (the customer) are the originator of the lead/deal. IE you sent someone to us. (For example, they filled out the form because they saw you post the promo on your social, or you called them directly and made an introduction, etc.

A rep recently asked, what if I’m already working a lead and the customer gives us a “reference” do they get credit? While we truly appreciate all references, No. That would not count as a referral as you would not be generating the customer.

That’s basically it.

There’s a new 12-day page coming out (I’ll link to it as soon as it’s ready) and then you can start referring!

Hopefully, this program helps our valued customers on their journey towards market share for 2024.

Any questions, let me know below :slight_smile:


Referrals get REWards! :sweat_smile:
But seriously, this is so exciting!