301 Re-Direct from old sites to new sites

I decided to drop a few other websites and set up a 301 re direct to my REW Site. However, everything that is indexed already is not doing the re direct. When I type in the exact old url it is re directing but when I use google to search for indexed content it is not re-directing.

I set the 301 with the domain registrar and tried to log into Google webmasters tools to let google know to re-direct all indexed URLs. All sites are validated but it says can not fetch data from old sites since no redirect is detected on the home page.

I have been trying to call REW support of a few months.

What would happen if I just point the DNS settings all to REW?

What is the best way to consolidate into 1 site.

Hello @bwpatton !

Thank you for your question. We do have a redirect service available. I have contacted support to connect with you via email so you can discuss details and options available to you! :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Keep an eye on your email and make sure to check your junk mail.

Have a marvelous Monday!

Kindest Regards,