6 Digital Marketing Quick Wins For Real Estate

There are still lots of opportunities for quick marketing wins in your overall real estate marketing strategies. Here is a list of things you can do now, that will benefit your business both in the short term and the long term.

1. Google My Business

You will hear me talking a lot about this one.


Because it’s free, it drives traffic to your website, and it is one of the best ways to get rankings in local search or appear on Google Maps.

If you have an account, be active. Post your pictures (listings work here too!), share updates, and talk about your services. Think of this like another social media account, but one that can actually help increase your website ROI.

If you haven’t set up your account, stop reading this and do it now. You can find out more information about GMB here.

2.Google Ads

Are you running PPC campaigns?

With the change in the market, it is a good time to audit what you have running. Are you making the most of the latest changes? Have you changed your messaging to fit the new temporary regulations?

Are your Ads efficient?

The REW Community is full of incredible marketers that can help you sort this out. If you have questions, reach out here on FORUMS.
If you are not using REW PPC, now is when you want to make the most of it, so you are who people turn to when social restrictions ease.

Get help here: rew.com/ppc.

3. Clean up your website

This is another thing that can benefit you in the long term and prepare you for the future.

A quick way to test your website copy:

Ask someone new to jump on your website. Give them 5 minutes max to do this.

Then ask them “What does my business do?

If they aren’t answering back with your value proposition, you still have some work to do.

Need a hand? Reply to this post with your URL and ask for a fresh set of eyes and insight.

4. Do An SEO Audit

Coming from the world of SEO, I forget how ambiguous this topic can be.

But let me tell you, SEO can make or break your benchmarks for success.

What an SEO Audit can ultimately tell you:

  • Can my website generate even more business with better content around my services?
  • Can my website generate more business in certain sub-markets?
  • Can Google ready and rank my website for the right searches?

Knowing what keywords you rank for organically can be eye-opening. There are some very small steps you can take now, that can lead to huge success in your market.

Knowing how powerful your competitors websites are compared to yours can let you know the areas you may not even know you are falling behind in.

We have an incredibly talented team of SEO Specialists at REW. Make use of them, they know real estate better than anyone else, and can help you grow in ways you never imagined.

(And in case you didn’t get the hint, SEO is a super important thing for you to pay attention to now, which is why it is part of REW’s Stimulus Package - so get on it!)

5. Reach out to existing customers

When was the last time you said hello?

Personal touch points mean everything right now. A simple email to see how your past/current/future clients are doing can be so powerful.

Make sure that your message is clear, genuine, and useful/interesting to the person you are sending it to. It can be a check-in to see how they are settling in, a follow-up on service, or even just sharing an article that they would find meaningful.

If you find yourself with 15 minutes to spare, pick a client and reach out. Keep your business top-of-mind, and be the agent that people talk about.

6. Be more social

Everyone is online right now. People are checking their social accounts frequently throughout the day. Work this to your advantage.

A huge shoutout to The Funk Collection and their social media presence. From Facebook to LinkedIn, The Funk Collection is doing a stand-up job with their online profiles.

What makes their social work so well?

Hugely relatable, incredibly honest, and up-to-date messaging. Sharing their triumphs and stumbling blocks (and Happy Hours!) has garnered a lot of interest. They are well-timed and relevant. It shows their level of service, commitment, and most importantly, it gets them out on to their followers regular feeds.

What can you do?

Start talking. Share moments from your day, moments with your team, and moments with your clients. Social is a great way to make you seem more human. Your future leads will remember your efforts!

What quick wins have you found in marketing?


I am leaning into Bombomb now more than ever! Great way to reach out and say hi!

I’m looking at my google page now. @Jacqui I didn’t know you could add listings!!! Very cool.

@Carly I am glad you brought up BombBomb!

BombBomb is a fantastic way to reach out to your clients and new leads. The personalized messages seem to really hit home with both clients and leads, and from my experience are super easy to create and send with all of the integration options available. So glad you are making use of that.

And GMB is a seriously under-utilized tool, especially in real estate. It is such a quick win for not only exposure, but for driving traffic,and I suspect increasing your SERPs as well.

While real estate is excluded from Google Shopping (as are services unfortunately), GMB offers a way for you to showcase your listings in the search feed. The history of the images can be valuable too, as leads research you online (garnering you extra credibility when you show up well on Google, which has an unprecedented amount of user trust).

Looking forward to seeing your next GMB post!

Ok I’m going to google how to add listings to my google page! :slight_smile:

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