Aayaam Kapoor now head of product delivery!

Hello All,

Some of you already know him from his time as a project manager at REW or his time running the PMO and then all of shared services, but I’d like to reintroduce you to Aayaam Kapoor and share some exciting news.

Aayaam has recently accepted a new position as “Head Of Product Delivery” - his vast experience both in and out of REW will bring great process and efficiency to our R & D teams and I for one am very excited to be working with @Aayaam in this new role.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of both of us on here in 2020 as part of our ongoing commitment to client engagement, product improvement and the #RelationshipsMatter campaign.

A bit about Aayaam from today’s internal post:

"Aayaam has over 13 years of experience of delivering quality IT projects & products for companies in real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, FMCG and retail sectors.

Aayaam started his professional career as a software engineer and grew into product marketing, project management, product leadership and management consulting roles in India, Canada, U.S. and Europe.

Having run his own technology company in web & mobile development space previously, Aayaam brings with him strong business acumen, hands on client management, and product delivery experience.

Prior to joining REW, Aayaam was heading a 55 member product team that delivered India’s largest and cost-effective Telemedicine platform, in partnership with IFFCO, for the highly price sensitive rural markets.

At REW, Aayaam has grown from project manager to head of shared services and brings with him the experience of our organizational processes, products, and relationships to this new role.

Aayaam holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, UK and a Computer Engineering degree from Kurukshetra University, India."


Thank you @Morgan for such a warm welcome. I look forward to working closely with our fantastic clients, partners, leaders and teams to further improve our product delivery experience. Indeed exciting times, as we enter into the next decade! #RelationshipsMatter