Activity Tracking in REW CRM - What Works for Agents?

The sales team and soon the Account Managers are using the REW CRM instead of Salesforce. We are excited about this transition because we know it’s awesome for so many reasons.

That being said, I wonder about agents logging their calls. We definitely want to see that agents are logging calls, cause leads are only “hot” if you connect quickly. This is why we always recommend a Speed to Lead action plan.
Right now, when you choose to log a call, it gives you a drop down for one of the following Outcomes:

It’s mandatory to write a note to get that call logged. For ‘Talked’ - it should always be mandatory to write information on what was discussed to help with future conversations. We shouldn’t rely strictly on our memories (especially me - my memory is terrible! :face_with_peeking_eye:)

But how about for the other outcomes? Do you need to write a note if you didn’t reach that lead?

What do you think? If a voicemail was left or it was the wrong number, what notes would be valuable?

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While I don’t use those drop downs as much, I do find them useful at times. When I get a lead from Raquel but the voicemail says Tom S. I can make a note that it might be a wrong number or a spouse.

Call attempted is usually a number not in service but sometimes it’s a busy signal. I like knowing that for future follow up.

Wrong number is the one I usually don’t write anything in.

Thanks @Carly I never thought of these types of situations but totally makes sense.

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Talked should definitely have an explanation of what was said, although I normally use the Notes section for that.

If you attempted to call you would normally leave a Voicemail, but I realize some people do the double call so I guess they could explain that in the Attempted section, but I wouldn’t even use that one.

If you left a voicemail I don’t see the need to write anything further.

Same with Wrong Number - if it’s wrong it’s wrong - no need to explain.

Thanks for the perspective @judyorr

I think mandatory notes for talked and voicemail should be required but the others aren’t necessary to me.

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My vote is don’t delete them, but make anything except “talked” optional, and talked is mandatory

Then if you want the others to be mandatory on your team or company, make it a policy :slight_smile:

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Exactly. That’s what I meant but you put that much better :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Glenn

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