Ad strength for Real Estate PPC - Google Adwords... Good or Excellent?

When you’re working on your AdWords accounts, one critical factor that too many Realtors® ignore is “Ad Strength” for responsive search ads.

It’s quite a critical factor when you’re trying to reduce your real estate cost per lead and win ad auctions for highly competitive Realtor® terms.

According to Google: Here is ad strength.

" Ad Strength for responsive search ads

Ad Strength provides you with feedback to help you focus on providing the right messages to your customers. Ad Strength shows you how well an ad creative follows the best practices for optimal performance, ranging from “Incomplete”, “Poor”, “Average”, “Good”, to “Excellent”. A higher Ad Strength will maximize the performance of your ad. Ad Strength has 2 components: the overall rating that indicates the effectiveness of a relevant ad, and the specific action item(s) that can improve the strength of the ad." Google Page On Ad Strength

Of all the things you can do in AdWords to improve your chances of having a high placing ad, this is one of the easier ones to optimize for.

Here is some advice for you:

#1: Start with “their” suggestions for keyword inclusion (Google AdWords likes it when you do what they tell you to do) this typically means that they want you to include keywords in your headlines that are actually associated with that ad group. For instance, if your keyword was “Waterfront real estate” they would expect to see that in the ad group.

#2 Include variation in your headings, if all of your headlines are too similar, it will not allow you to achieve an excellent ad strength rating.

#3: Mix in CTA language with your headings “after” you have made Google happy. There are like 15 headlines you can use - at least 10 of them should be of the keyword inclusion variety, but you can sprinkle in important CTA’s as well (which is effective in improving your CTR)

#4: Use dynamic keyword insertion. This is a very powerful tool for improving CTR

#5: Have strong, diverse descriptions that also closely match your keywords but also are focused on improving your click-through rate.

Struggling to achieve a high ad strength for your real estate ads? This is likely because you have too many keywords that are not similar enough as such, including enough relevant matches to all of your terms can be difficult. Consider reducing the number of keywords associated with any particular ad group and tighten up your targeting.

Example of an excellent ad rank for real estate: Hopefully this gives you some ideas on where to start improving your ad rank in Google Adwords if you’re focused on real estate.

What is your best tip for increasing Google Ad Strength for Dynamic ads?

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