Adding goals (with tracking) to the agent report

Adding goals for agents has been on my list for quite a while now and now that we have REW deals coming out in a few months, I’d like to accelerate this feature.

It’s quite simple really - Agents can add their goals via the my setup menu (we’ll need to add “Goals”) there would be a simple modal (simple for now) that allowed you to enter the goals for 2023.

Would look something like this (@Rebecca @Phil we’ll probably need to add a timeframe to this (simple years, 2023, 2024 etc) but also later on we could add things like this month, or this quarter. But for now, let’s get years for the POC

Then you can turn them on in the agent report (like so)


And you would have a visual indicator (red / yellow / green)

For each item.

@Rebecca @Aayaam @MattPinneo any questions?

Let’s build it! :slight_smile: (who doesn’t like to see goals!)


PS thanks Phil for the mockup help! :star_struck:

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Love this, if this could tie into their MLS feed to put their active and sold pipeline on their dashboard this would be the most useful use case (if not assumed). For it to be in front of them daily and updated in real time.

Could tie it into a '‘take action’ prompt somewhere on the dashboard, with suggestions to go setup a saved search, use their dialer, etc.

Dude! You’re over there reading minds!

@David and I have been talking all week about what is in our active and sold feeds and how we pull better metrics and dynamically ingest them into REW Deals (and other sections of the CRM)

Some feeds even have commissions! (others we’ll need to set manually on the deals once ingested or we talked about having a default such as 2.5% it’s at least implied but the agent can make it more accurate by going in and adjusting on a per deal basis.

We need a meetup (you, me, Phil, David, Rob, @Pozek and some other epically smart people out here - I think we could accelerate this!