Agent Goals for the CRM

Agent goals are a good start, but they need to go a little further. We need to add what agent the goals are for, then a drop-down from Buyer or Renter deals and Seller and Owner Deals, then a box for Misc goals that the agent has for the year. It seems like straightforward adds. Thanks!

Agreed - a good start, but much more to do!

I’d like to see more breakdown on the goals around things that “get you” to the goals, things like weekly calls goal, weely appointments, that sort of thing. That way I can see how well I did last week, and measure this week etc.

With the new graphing feature (coming soon) it would be cool to graph achievement over time as well (and correlate it back to results).

This is so so so miopic but it tracks with goals in my mind…

If an agent has certain benchmarks for their business (in the case of agents at my company its items like live interview/call, real estate review, sending a card, etc) to keep in flow – could there be some two way chatter between a contact and the goals.

So – if you have CALLS, REAL ESTATE REVIEWS, CARD as individual weekly goals, those checkboxes get added to every lead/contact card and as they happen, you can check the box and it gets added to the goal tracker. Essentially – an option to customize trackable items (or add to the little round tracker at the top) that funnel into the goals.

Harebrained idea.

It’s a great idea! And once we get more granular with tracking it will already be in place. Though the “checkbox” is not required, since we already have tracking (today) that agents should be doing such as:

  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Appointments


So rolling those things up to give you a “weekly / monthly appointment set” goal (with a hit, miss or %) is definitely on the roadmap :slight_smile:

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