Agent talk time, connection rates, summary view of calls in agent view

Hey @Rebecca and @Aayaam (pinging @michael and @MattPinneo also)

Just looking at some CRM reports (specifically around agent view) and I have a few suggestions/requests. Not sure if they are all viable due to potential processing but lets discuss.

On my ISA report (or any agent report) I’d love to have a column for “Talk time” which is the sum of all talk time as per the dialer within the selected timeframe.

I’d also like “Average talk time” which is the sum of talk time/number of calls made within the selected time frame.

Next, when I have the “calls” column (as per the screen above) I’d like to be able to mouse of the # of calls similar to how we do with deals and then click on it to see a “all calls” in summary form to all leads within that given timeframe. (This is the one that might be processor-intensive)

We be in a modal like this: (but with dialer related items)