All things COVID-19

Hello Everyone,

I am a new realtor, not even a year in when the COVID-19 crisis hit last week. As of last Thursday my family had a trip planned to New York, I had just accepted an offer on one of my listings and have over 3 million in inventory on the market.

This week I have done 2 price reductions in 1 day. Have been on the other end of the phone while my clients is stressed and fearful she may lose a lot of money on her house, and have been attacked on social media by some random person I don’t know.

BUT I have also immersed myself in online masterminds across the US and Canada. I’m reaching out to top agents who are there to guide me, pick me up and mentor me. I’m dedicated to my CRM like never before and I’m learning a LOT. I mean… A LOT!

-Century 21 Canada is offering a Be Relentless campaign to ALL agents. They are producing some amazing content each day with guest speakers such as Richard Robbins and it’s all COVID related.

-Renee and Jeff Funk from the Funk Collection powered by ExP in Orlando are putting out some amazing content including a sit down with ExP CEO Glenn Sandford. As well as an all agent morning huddle to get your day started in the right direction.

-RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos is putting out daily videos as well.

The amount of online support is heartwarming! And I feels so grateful for it and it’s getting me motivated in the morning.

My highlight this afternoon? I had 4 buyer leads come in today and all of them were home! HAHA They still are hopeful to buy in the upcoming months after this passes.

Let’s share information on this thread to enhance our business and help us get through this together.

Tell me what you are doing to connect with your clients?

Share a good news story

Who has gone through 2008 economic crisis and has some words of wisdom?

Stay safe and healthy!