April CSM Webinar - Customers we need your feedback? Please :)

Scenario-driven best practice (day in the life of an agent working in CRM).

  • Working in Dashboard
  • Processing leads
  • call/email activity
  • scheduling follow-ups

Thank you Steve!

We have done CRM training but we can do this with an agent workflow in mind…Step 1 - login, Step 2 - check Speed to Lead Smartlist, etc. I will make sure to let you know which session this will get covered.

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We haven’t got the Renaissance Platform set up but you guys are working on it. We will need training on it on all its functions because it will be new to everyone. We will be interested in all the functions an agent can use in following up leads and how to do the things simply and quickly. What everyone thinks of how to convert leads effectively and so on. The more we know the better.

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That’s very exciting that you’re upgrading to the Renaissance platform. I know you and your team will really love all the new CRM features. We’ll get a training session scheduled when your upgrade is almost complete and make sure you get the webinar invitations.

I’m including @Kyle who is the Team Lead for our Customer Care team. He will work with your implementation specialist for a smooth transition to the new platform as well.

Thanks for responding Larry. Hope to keep seeing you and your team on the forum.

The best way to set up communities and then subdivisions in those communities on Renaissance. I have my community pages set up, and I’m not sure if I should use those same templates for the different subdivisions that would be child pages to the parent community page.

Thank you Judy. We will add this to our list of topics to cover.

@sammiho @Laura @Kyle

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Hi Steve! I love this idea and will definitely keep this in mind for future webinars!

There’s still time to register and join our next CSM Webinar tomorrow:

April 13th @10 am PST:

Topic: Agent Subdomains
Webinar Registration Link:

A big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on topics. We will let you know when your idea will be featured @SteveRWalter @judyorr @Larry

We’ve had a lot of new Community members join recently with Morgan’s Introduce Yourself Thread, so we are hoping to see a lot more participants this month.

You can also see the CSM teams introductions here to get to know them better @Laura @sammiho @Kyle. There are some cute dog pics here too :grinning:

I definitely think a hot spot from the feedback was a day in the life of the agent in terms of lead follow up (or proper lead follow up using REW CRM).

I’m happy to volunteer to run one on this topic, since it’s something I live every day. (not just the how to do something in the CRM, but since I’m also connected to the ideation of CRM features and help my wife run a real estate business, I can speak to the “why” things are built the way they are as well).

Let’s chat on this @MariaG

Wonderful! I know Laura has already put something together for the second session this month but it never hurts to have more sessions or we can schedule something for next month.

I appreciate all the knowledge and experience you offer, so you know I’ll never turn down when you volunteer for a webinar.

Laura is still on! I’ll put something together as a separate webinar and hopefully CSM’s, AE’s and AM’s can attend as well.

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Good morning REW Community!

I want to thank everyone who attended our webinar yesterday. If you missed it and want to watch the video to learn more about setting up agent subdomains, just let me know here or reach out to your Account Manager.

Hi Everyone!

Here is the link to Sammi’s webinar on subdomains from April 13th! She did a fantastic job showing everyone how they can be set up and all the benefits of having them: Real Estate Webmaster | CSM Webinar - April 13, 2023 - YouTube


Great webinar from Sammi! I learnt a lot about subdomains, looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:


Thank you, Rebecca - glad you were able to watch. Definitely excited for @Laura to do hers! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @sammiho

I’ll be doing a webinar on agent workflow in the CRM on April 27th! Theres still lots of time to register!

Hope to see everyone there!

@Laura Really excited for your webinar this week.

REW community - There is still time to register. We hope to see you there!

Still time to register and join Laura’s webinar folks.

See you there!

For anyone who missed the webinar yesterday, here is the Youtube link:

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for attending my webinar! I would love any feedback or suggestions for future!

@markossinger Robin Morton @Victor_Lozada @Kristina @Lisadalexander @AlbertWooster @RalphRagette @Winston