Introduce yourself 2023 - get to know the REW Community members!

Hey all, here is the thread for the introduce yourself contest!

Every unique introduction from April 5th until the end of the month counts towards our goal of 100 new member introductions.

Even if you’ve been a member for a while, if you haven’t introduced yourself on this thread, your intro counts too!

Tell us who you are, where you service, share your website and what you love about real estate. :slight_smile:

I’ll get it started:

My name is Morgan Carey, I’m the CEO of Real Estate Webmasters.

I’m married to this amazing lady (Who also happens to be a Realtor, and REW customer) her website is

We have 3 amazing kids between us (David, Jayda and Ariyah) two of which work here at REW (David in customer experience and Jayda in sales < though she’s studying to be a Realtor®)

We’re dog people

This is our old boy Miloh (sweetest jumbo lap dog ever)

And this is my lil buddy Winston (He’s friggin hilarious!)

We have two cats too. But they hate me, so they get no pics!

Here on the forums, I like to discuss/teach (and what I’m truly passionate about)

Things I suck at?

  • Being organized
  • Answering the telephone
  • Focusing on just one thing (severe ADHD)
  • Spelling

Ties to real estate:

REW is the largest custom technology and marketing platform in the world serving the real estate industry. We’ve completed over 50,000 custom projects and well over 2,000,000 hours of professional services. Through our company, i’ve gotten to know many of the top-producing agents, team leaders, and brokers as both clients and colleagues. It’s been a very rewarding 20+ year career for me and I’m loving what I do now, more than ever.

I’m also a real estate developer and have built many projects, from large commercial buildings, to multi-unit residential to custom homes.

As most of our projects are buy and hold, I am also a landlord (both commercial and residential) which at times is great. At other times… well. I’m a landlord lol

And as I mentioned, my wife is a Realtor, so I am involved in her business as the director of marketing (I manage her technology platforms, SEO, Paid lead gen, branding, etc)

Personally, I’m old now, so I don’t have the hobbies I used to, but I do still love to play music (and sing)

(Pictured is John Heithaus, myself and Caitlin Thomas, part of the REW Band at #REWSummit in Austin)

I’m passionate about our industry and keeping brokers and agents at the center of the real estate transaction. if you want to read about what brought me here you can read more on my recent RIS Media story

That’s a bit about me. What about you?


Hello Everyone! I’m Dan Sweeney. I’m the owner of a real estate firm named Realty One Group Advisors. We cover Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. I have been a Realtor for 19 years and love the business. I was lucky enough to hang with Morgan at Inman and have been following him since. What a great guy. Cheers


Hey @Dan welcome to the forums! Great to see you over here.

Question: for 2023, what topic (in terms of the online game) most interests you? Lead Gen, AI? CRM’s - what are you into? What would you love to improve on?

PS - how’s the market?

Hi! My name is Priscilla Staley and I am a realtor with Howard Hanna Rand Realty! I serve the Hudson Valley community in Orange, Sullivan, Putnam and Dutchess Counties! Attached is the link to my website.


HI REW community,
Albert Wooster here - I serve the Sarasota, Florida market.
If you didn’t know that is also the name of our County and the home to Siesta Key, Lido Key, Longboat Key, the Island of Venice and Manasota Key, also many, many Golf Courses and of course the cultural capital of Florida our lovely small (but growing rapidly) city of Sarasota.
My website is


Hello, I am Broker Associate in Santa Cruz California, with Coldwell Banker Realty. I have been in the business for 19 years. This is a challenging job but I do love it. I work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Michele Replogle, and you can find me on You Tube
Live The Santa Cruz Life w/Michele Replogle - YouTube and my podcast The Realtor Lady.


Hello my name is Stuart Neal and we work the metro Edmonton Alberta market place.

Our website


I am Larry DeBerry with The DeBerry Team of KW in Plano in Collin County, Texas and our website is We are presently doing an upgrade to the new platform. I am the husband of Roxanne DeBerry who has been doing business as a Realtor for the past 40 years. I work on the marketing for our team of 3 other agents and 3 internal personnel.

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Great to have @pstaley! Joe Rand and I go way back (he’s a wonderful leader and a great guy).

Always happy to welcome Rand Realty Folks :slight_smile:

Hey @AlbertWooster , thanks for sharing! Fun fact: Sarasota was actually one of the first 5 markets Real Estate Webmasters entered. Still hoping to get down there one day :slight_smile:

Moving @knapperoo post to the intro thread. Welcome, Jennifer!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jennifer Lasco. I run the cutest little brokerage that you ever did see in Fenton, Michigan. We have a second location just starting to bud in Birmingham, MI.

Our website is

We have been with REW for 6+ years and look forward to many more :slight_smile:

I have a cute husband of 12 years and 2 beautiful daughters. We all share a very fat dog named Tiger Woods Lasco. He brings shame to the family regularly by rolling in garbage and smelling like a dumpster.

Hey @michelereplogle, I actually get your blasts (good work on the outreach!)

I’m a big fan of the dad jokes!


There is Mr. Miagi, and then there is THIS GUY~! :point_down:t2: Mr. Miata!

Great to have you here my man (always enjoy your contributions to the community)

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Hey everyone,

I’m Matt Franklin( and I serve the northeast Florida market, specifically the Amelia Island(Fernandina Beach) market. I’ve been with eXp Realty for a little over a year but I’ve been an agent for the last 4 years. Just like @Morgan and @Carly, my wife Alie and I are also dog people.

This is Penelope…She runs our house


@Larry thanks for sharing! Great to hear you’re upgrading to Renaissance.

There are SO MANY new things from the old vision until now - @AmyPye and her marketing team are currently working on a before and after (old vs new) comparison chart so we can have a an easy one stop guide to show all the differences.

Feel free to ask any questions “how do I” or “what’s new” in the appropriate forums as well:
#renaissance or #crm:rew-crm

Excited to see you posting. Thanks for being here :slight_smile:

Hey @MattFranklin awesome to have you!

Checked out your site… LOVE the colour combos and little design touches.

I did notice however, that you had a broken snippet (well technically not broken) but you were using an enhanced listings snippet, but had no enhanced listings, so it just showed a no listing message.

Since you posted a pic of your doggo, you get bonus points! And I went ahead and removed that snippet for you so it looks better. At any time, you can add it back in the homepage once you have enhanced listings :slight_smile:

Hope you don’t mind

Add back here when you have enhanced listings

Penelope is so CUTE!!!

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Judy Orr here from Cave Creek Arizona. I’ve been with REW since 2005 and I traveled to Nanaimo for the first REW Conference many years ago. Also went to the one in Nashville. I’ve been licensed since 1983 but feel like a newbie in my new market based in Scottsdale since moving from the southwest Chicago suburbs.

Here are my 3 rescue dogs:

Monkey (11 years) & Peanut (12-13 years - we got her a year ago & she’s less than 4 lbs)

Pumpkin is about 8-9 years and the girls don’t like him

We also have a cat from one of my past clients who moved from IL to WA - she took her dogs but didn’t want to take the cat. Her name is Sugar and we have no idea how old she is. Anybody want a cat?

I also have 3 adult children & 3 grandkids.

My website is


That is EXACTLY how I feel about our cats! :stuck_out_tongue:

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