Auto assigning action plans based on forms

Did you know you can automatically assign action plans based on the form a prospect fills out?

Why is this awesome?

Well, one, it saves you from having to go ahead and manually assign action plans to new leads (we’re all about saving steps!) but… this becomes REALLY cool if you think about it from an automation perspective.

For example - you can automate emails in action plans. So you can literally trigger a series of emails automatically just by the form they fill out AND if you have the texting module (which is an add on) you can also combo automatic emails with automatic texts for a completely hands-off drip campaign of both texts and emails to new prospects.

And if you’re an admin, team leader or broker?

You can set these up for agents so that the system rewards them for doing things you want them to do.

For example, you could say “once you log your first call and save them a search, the action plan will take over for you in an automated way” and then make all the automation conditional on them logging a call and saving a search.

Pretty cool right?