Best real estate coaches?

If you are thinking of investing in a real estate coach, any ideas of where to start?

I have heard that Mike Ferry and Tom Ferry are both good.

I know of a few agents that have tried Brian Buffini’s program, and a brokerage that is just starting with Craig Proctor Seminars.

Any recommendations for real estate coaching?

I was a paid coach with Mike Ferry for two years, Mike is “Old School” and I would recommend Tom hands down

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You can check Kevin Ward, the founder of YESMASTERS, who has the opportunity to train thousands of real estate agents every year, many of whom now earn more money than he ever did.
His YouTube videos are watched by tens of thousands of real estate agents every month. So you can follow him. A great motivational speaker. Motivating us all in this Crisis as well.

Thanks for the recommendation Robb! I will abosolutely head over and check Kevin out as well. Really appreciate you reaching out, he was not on my radar.

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