Best SEO practices for videos and YouTube

Not sure where to post this. I’m still confused as to whether I would get better SEO embedding my YouTube videos to my blog posts or embed videos from a non-YouTube video hosting site I belong to. This site doesn’t show other people’s videos at the end and I wouldn’t lose them to YouTube. But I also want to get people to my YouTube channel.

What is the best-case scenario?

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Hi Judy,

We recommend you to stay with YouTube as it is a Google product which makes it more desirable to index and it is a better way to promote YouTube channel. You’re also can add embed code directly to the page using the source code editor, or by creating a snippet and adding to the snippet to the page.

Here are the five easy steps for embedding a YouTube video into a blog post without any related videos showing up at the end of it.

  1. Copy the original YouTube URL in the search box at the top of the browser.
  2. Go to ⇒ YouTube Embed Code Generator || Simple, Free & Quick || 2022.
  3. Paste the original YouTube URL into the box to the right of “YouTube URL.”
  4. Leave the “Show related videos” box unchecked.
  5. Go to the bottom and click “COPY CODE” to copy the newly generated code to embed into the blog post.
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Thanks Soyihong, I can’t wait to try that Code Generator. I wish I could just show my own related videos, but just to get rid of other unrelated YouTube videos is great! :grinning:

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Is there not a setting for that? (Or perhaps Youtube premium?)

I can’t find a setting. I didn’t realize there was a YouTube Premium. I’ll look into that. Thanks Morgan.

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I just signed up for YouTube Premium this evening. I’ll let you know if I see that option.

There is indeed. That’s what I was about to post when I saw that concern. We have done this, and you indeed used to be able to eliminate others’ videos OR replace them with your own, which is awesome!

Here’s the nerd stuff: YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters  |  YouTube IFrame Player API  |  Google Developers

The section in question is: YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters  |  YouTube IFrame Player API  |  Google Developers

And the short answer is, it will automatically show videos from the channel that posted the video when you “Turn off” others’ videos by setting the rel parameter to 0

So add &rel=0 to the end of any existing embed code and you should be golden! :slight_smile:


And to clarify if anyone wasn’t certain; you don’t need premium to do this… It doesn’t even need to be your own video to do this :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks! I’ll definitely be checking this out.