Beware exact match close variant (watch your search terms)

If you’re doing your own PPC, you might think that you are safe if you use the “Exact Match” option in adwords. But actually, you could be losing a LOT of money…

Here’s an example: I’ve turned off anything but phrase match, and yet in my terms they are charging me “$8.29” for the keyword “Zellow”

What? 1,000 of these a year will cost me over $8k!

Here’s another one (not remotely related to my exact match terms)

There goes another $5.19!

Seriously. If you have a large budget, this kind of thing can happen hourly. And it is NOT ok!

Unfortunately, even with phrase match selected, there is no way to opt out to "close match variant.

So what you must do instead is regularly review your PPC keywords (the actual “search terms” not just the terms you are bidding on) and you must add the keywords you don’t want to your negative keywords list.

If you don’t know how to do it this, post below, happy to show you how :slight_smile:

Thanks Google!