Black Friday $5,000 Bonus Promotion

Hello everyone, happy Black Friday!

For those of you who missed it on my social, this is the Black Friday promotion for REW.

Anyone who refers a customer directly to myself or @Matt REW Sales manager) via social or here on the forums that closes on a launch or above contract we will credit you $5,000 USD in services.

Can be used for design, programming, PM, QA, SEO, Content writing, CSM

Cannot be used against SAAS or PPC spend.

Credits must be used in 2020 or they expire (no credits / refunding to account as cash)

You can refer as many folks as you like (the bonuses stack)

Refer 1 customer $5,000, Refer 4 $20,000 refer 20? $100,000!

Referrals must be made from now until midnight next Friday. Start a group chat between your referral and I (or Matt) we’ll help close them and boom! $5,000 big ones!

Referrals must close on of before Dec 31st, 2019

Have questions? Please post them below

Thank you in advance for your awesome referrals.