Blogging: Google do not follow

Is there a way to mark a blog as “do not follow” so that Google will not pick up the content?
We have another blog we send traffic to but want to put some of that content over on our REW site as well but don’t want to get dinged by Google for duplicate content. I know this is a WP option but not sure if I can do that here as well.

Hello Kristina, it is actually a best practice to never duplicate content, so we don’t have any features that facilitate this, sorry.

What you could do (on your other blog) is block certain posts in your robots.txt file or .htaccess if you have server level access, or you could add a rel=“cannonical” tag referring it to your REW post.

But ideally, you would not duplicate identical content

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Got it! I know that I shouldn’t duplicate content… see what I get for trying to take a shortcut. There are no shortcuts. Do.The.Work.Woman! LOL
Thank You for the prompt reply!