Bomb Bomb best practices

Good evening - I have been trialing Bomb Bomb and have decided to offer it to the entire team. I’ve used it from my phone via email and text and I’ve exported entire swathes of our database into the Bomb Bomb tool and sent mass emails out. Are there smarter ways to use it direct from the CRM?
Thank you.

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Hello @StuartNeal,

BombBomb can be used directly from the CRM for each lead. The BombBomb integration allows the Agent to sync their leads over to a managed leads list on BombBomb’s website and on the CRM places a Bomb Icon on the Leads Dashboard which when selected brings up a quick record video pop-up that allows the Agent to send that lead a personalized video. Please see the image below for reference. We have circled the BombBomb icon with a red circle and an arrow pointing to it.

Please see the link below for integrating BombBomb with the backend of your website:
Bomb Bomb Integration

Please let us know should you have any questions.

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